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Squats are considered to be one the best ways to burn calories, right? However, to achieve optimal results from this form of workout you need to invest more time as well as do it in the right manner. Many people out there end up getting hurt while doing squats. Have you ever hurt your knees during your workout sessions? If so, then definitely this article would help you gain better insight into how to do squats in right manner without injuring your knees.

Here are 3 important tips that you need to bear in mind to avoid knee impairment during squat workout session:


Improve Your Posture While Squatting:

Do you know why you need pain after completing your squat reps? The main cause behind such kind of pain is that the different areas of your body engaged in exercise are not lined in the right manner. Posture is the key. Here is the list of the things you need to ensure about right squatting position: 1 • First and the foremost thing, you need to check the distance between your legs. It shouldn’t be too wide or narrow. • Secondly, ensure to bring your into line with your knees as your feet support theweight of your body that put on to the knees. • Third, your back should be in the straight position instead of curved. • Lastly, maintain a good balance.

Keep a close check on the intensity of your performance:

The prime reason behind knee injury is the muscle fatigue. While doing squats, we usually are working on our lower body muscles. It either helps us in toning the muscle down or gaining up some more mass. However, obtaining that perfect shape will require more time, patience and consistency so never ever rush by doing intense squats. The intensity of your workout should depend on how long you have been squatting. For example, if you are doing squats almost 3 times in a week, then you must increase the intensity in the following week to achieve better results. Rushing will do nothing good to you rather create troubles like a knee injury. Apart from the number of times you do squat in the duration of a minute. Here is something very important that you need to keep in mind: 2 • Always remember that you don’t need to do extremes as in not too low or too deep squats. • Ensure that you do squat slowly and increase the intensity gradually in order to avert muscle fatigue.

Wear a support

If you think you been doing really well and following theright position and working towards high-intensity workout, then you need to protect yourself from your surroundings. You must be thinking what exactly does that mean? Yes, possible injuries can happen in such circumstances. How?? This can be known simply by observing the types of clothes you wear during workout sessions. Here are some tips to choose the type of clothes you should wear while squatting: 3 • Don’t wear anything that is too skin-fitting. • Don an additional layer of cloth when the weather is quite chilly. • Always look for the texture of cloth you decide to buy. It has to be sweat absorbing as it can badly distract you while working out. • Girls should opt to wear a sports bra to support their back as well as chest.

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