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We all love challenges, and what can be more fun than taking up a challenge which will not only make you healthy but also transform your body. There are many fitness related challenges these days, among these challenges is the 28 day plank challenge. Can you imagine just by giving 4 minutes a day, you will strengthen your core and you will be able to stimulate your metabolism? 2 Read on as we bring the plank challenge in which you need to hold the plank position for 20 seconds on the day 1 and by the time you are on the 28th day you are able hold the plank for 240 seconds ( I.e. 4 minutes):

1. Planking Challenge

1 The plank challenge is designed in such a way that you need to complete it in 28 days. The challenge is to be able to hold plank position for 240 seconds on the 28th day. This may seem to be too difficult in the beginning. But to complete this challenge you will be building your stamina each day. Starting with a hold of 20 seconds on plank position on the day 1, you will be gradually increasing the number of seconds that you hold your position for. The 28 day plank challenge plan is followed as given in the above image.

2. Planks Steps

3 a. Lie face down in push-up position. Keep your hands on the floor next to your shoulder and legs stretched with tips of your feet on the floor. b. Press your body to push-up and form a straight line from your heels to your head. c. Stretch your abdominal muscles, tighten your buttocks and keep your head in neutral position. Ensure that you do not bend your back. d. Breathe normal and hold the position for 20 seconds. 4 While doing the planks, you must keep in mind that your spine remains straight and you do not put any pressure on your neck and back. Ensure that there is no added pressure on your hips and core is fully engaged. Another important point to keep is to maintain a proper position and you should never consider this as a risk free exercise. Consult your trainer to get the exercise right before trying it your own.

3. Why Plank Challenge


You may be wonder that why you must try out the plank challenge, the answer lies in the fact that this exercise is full body workout. Some of the benefits of planks are:

a. Planks give you a toned belly – it helps to build your inner core muscles, your stomach muscles become stronger and your mid section becomes tighter. b. Reduces back pain – since planks work on your core it reduces the back pain. Planks also help to strengthen your upper back which again helps to reduce lower back aches. 6 c. Increases Flexibility – planks not only strengthen your core but also increase the flexibility in your posterior muscles group – shoulders, shoulder blades and collarbone. As you work on your shoulders, your shoulder blades will get stretched which promotes better range of motion. Apart from your posterior muscles you will also be stretching your hamstrings, arches your feet and toes. d. Improve Your Posture – doing planks greatly improves your ability to stand straight and overall posture. As you strengthen your core, the muscles in your abdomen will condition your neck, shoulders, chest and back. Given the fact that plank alone has so many benefits, it would be great to follow the 28 plank challenge.

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