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You love your pets, right? You would not wish to leave their side, eh? But, would you want to get their exact pictures on your body? If the answer is yes, then cheer up as there is a famous South Korean artist who makes that dream come true. Getting tattoos might be illegal in South Korea, but this artist still is an expert in framing fun pet tattoos on people. His name is Jiran and he creates pictures of pets in a cartoonist style in a tattoo. Here are few pictures of his creations and you would want to get one of these:

1. It’s such a cute dog and of course, the owner would have wanted a tattoo.


2. The scary cat is on the arm, now.


3. The duck can be adjusted anywhere.


4. Two cute little cats are the same on the arm.


5. Have you got three cats, too? No problem!


6. The little shih-tzu looks adorable.


7. This dog looks adorable on a tattoo too.


8. e would add smiles to your pets!


9. You get yourself a cat holding a leaf.


10. The grumpy cat remains grumpy.


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