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In our everyday dressing we wear best clothing, team them up with smart footwear, perfect makeup and hairdo. However there are some fashion faux pas that we do not know how to fix them up. This actually becomes a hindrance in your fashion file and even though you dress up smart you don’t get termed as fashionista. Today through post I am sharing with a fashion hacks that will bring out the best out of your wardrobe and make you the next fashion icon among your friends :

1. Clip Your Straps

1 Image: Source If you are wearing a racer back tee or dress, then conceal your bra straps neatly by clipping them up with help of U clip.

2. Fix Scratches On Heels

2 Image: Source To fix the scratches and torn from your heels, simply apply nail paint of the same colour shade and hideaway the faux pas.

3. Waterproof Your Shoes

3 Image: Source Run beeswax on your shoes generously to waterproof them, this will save them on rainy day.

4. Keep Your Underarms Dry

4 Image: Source Hide up tiny pieces of panty liners in your underarms to keep the sweat coming on the your dress.

5. Use Mitten Clips

5 Image: Source Use mitten clips to keep your jean in place when you are wearing boots.

6. Iron Out The Collars

6 Image: Source To iron the collars of your shirt without having to turn on iron, use hair straightening iron.

7. Freshen Up Your Shoes

7 Image: Source To freshen up your shoes and keep the foul odours away from your feet, place tea bags in your shoes and leave it overnight. Tea bags will absorb the moisture and smells from your shoes and they will no longer stink.

8. Dry Your Nail Paint

8 Image: Source To dry out the nail polish quickly, dip your nails into ice cold water. Add a few ice cubes to dry the nails quicker.

9. Remove Antiperspirants Marks

9 Image: Source Buff the marks of antiperspirants from your dress or shirts easily with baby wipes, your dress will no longer have any uncanny marks.

10. Keep The Zipper Chain In Place

10 Image: Source Use a key ring to keep your zipper chain from flying off. This will keep it in place and save you from embarrassment.

11. Remove Stains

11 Image: Source Remove stains from the underarms part of your shirts by spraying lemon water over them. You will not need to replace them anymore.

12. Wear Backless Dresses With Ease

12 Image: Source To wear backless dresses without anyone seeing your bra straps, sew the bra cups in your dress and you will no longer need to wear any bra.

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