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Exercise has an incredibly positive impact on both your body and mind, but like everything, there must be a balance. Working too hard and too fast can hurt your body and cause injuries, and the recovery will only keep you away from exercise for longer. The correct workout differs from person to person depending on weight, body-type, and experience; you cannot take on someone else’s routine and expect it to work for you. Here are some signs your workout is pushing your body too hard.

1. Your Muscles are Too Sore

Usually, soreness is a sign that you’ve given yourself a great all-around workout. If you’re feeling sore for a long amount of time and it’s preventing you from working out more, however, then you might be pushing your body too much. If you’re a beginner, then you must remember to ease yourself in, remember – slow and steady wins the race! Focusing on one area too much can also cause too much soreness, so if you are feeling it in one area of your body, then you should vary your workout to cover all areas.

2. Your Workouts Are Random

Consistency is the key to a successful workout. Going too hard at random times will not make up for not working out last week, and you could end up injuring yourself. Try to keep a workout schedule that you can keep to, and only increase your times and weights once you feel your body is ready.

3. Your Heart Rate is High

Your heart rate naturally elevates when exercising, but if it’s going higher than usual, then you might be pushing yourself too hard. Most heart rate monitors will tell you when it’s high, so use one when you can and keep an eye on it.

4. You’re Using Medications

Many athletes and hard-core workout enthusiasts are at risk of substance abuse. The most common ones include steroids, painkillers, and Xanax. While medications are needed now and again, taking too many is a sign that you are pushing yourself too hard and that you might need help. If you are dependent on a certain drug, then will be able to help you overcome that from the safety of your own home.

5. Heavy Breathing

Breathing heavily after a workout is common, but if you find that you’re still panting after a few minutes, your workout was probably too intense. Catching your breath shouldn’t take much longer than a minute or two, so if it is taking longer, consider dialing your workout back.

6. You Suffer an Injury

Exercise injuries are common in the world of fitness, but much of the time they happen due to someone pushing themselves more than they should. If you experience an injury, consider it a lesson for you to go easier on yourself in the future. After all, an injury isn’t going to help you reach your fitness goals any sooner!

Exercising should be about pushing yourself, but there is a limit to that. By making sure your workouts are correct for your body, you will see your fitness levels thrive.

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