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Often women don’t buy a pair of skinny jeans as they know it will show their waistline fats and make them look uncanny. The fat around the waist is quite stubborn and requires a right kind of workout to melt away. To remove the fats from your waistband it is best suggested to follow a workout that engages multiple muscle groups. Scroll over as we bring you a set of exercises designed by fitness expert Jessica Smith that combines cardio and core workouts to melt the fat flab from your waist. For this workout you will need a set of dumbbells in 5 to 15 lbs, follow 1 set of given reps for all exercises to complete 1 circuit, complete 3 circuits of these exercises with a 2 minute rest period between each circuit :

1. Waist slimming Squats – 15 Reps Each Side

1 Image Via: Squats are a full body movement that chops off extra fat deposits from your body. Stand straight with your feet hip width apart. Hold a dumbbell with either ends on both hands. Push your hips back, bring your body to squat and bend your arms and bring them across to fall outside left hip. Bring your body back to standing and swing the dumbbell on to right side of your body rotating your left heel and hip to power the swing. Quickly return to squat to repeat.

2. Rear Lunge – 15 Reps Each Side

2 Image Via: Target your core, glutes, legs, arms and shoulders with rear lunges. Take a dumbbell in your right hand with your feet together. Extending your right arm over your head with your palm facing in front and left arm straight out at shoulder height. Keeping your abs engaged, bring your left back, get into a lunge position. Rise up and lift your left knee and bring it front of your body and bend your elbow to touch your knees. Maintain the balance and bring your left leg behind you with your right arm pressed. Follow 15 reps on each side and then switch sides.

3. Bicep Curls

3 Image Via: This exercise develops lean muscle all over your body and sculpts slimmer arms. Take a dumbbell in your right hand with your weight on your right leg. With your toes pointed bring your left leg out and turn the dumbbell up as you bring your torso to left. Lift your left knee and bring it across right arm and return back to starting position.

4. Core Crawl -20 Reps On Each Side

4 Image Via: This move increases your heart rate and strengthens your core. Get on your knees and palms on the floor with your abs engaged. Arch your back and lift your knees off the ground and quickly step your right hand forward on the floor. Keeping your abs tight lift your left foot off the ground and bring your left knee to your chest. Bring your foot back to ground and bring your body back to starting position. Repeat the move on the other leg to complete one 1 rep.

5. Push Plank – 15 Reps Each Side

5 Image Via: This plank variation sculpts your arms, shoulders, abs and hips. Grab a dumbbell in your right hand and sit on the floor on your left hip with your leg straight out. Keeping your right knee bent, place your left foot flat on floor. Keep your left hand flat on the floor behind you in line with your hip and keep your right hand on your thigh with elbow bent. Raise your body off the floor and simultaneously raise your right arm up towards ceiling. Lower your back down and bend your arm back to bring your body back to starting position. Repeat immediately.

6. Lawnmower Lunge -15 Reps Each Side

6 Image Via: The core activating move works on your glutes, back and legs. Take a dumbbell in your left hand and stand with your left foot forward and right foot lifted off the floor. Bring your arms straight out towards floor with your back arched, get your body in lunge position. Bringing your weight onto your front leg and rise out of lunge and lift your back leg off the floor to hip height and row the dumbbell towards left side of your body.

7. Triceps Crunches -15 Reps

7 Image Via: This move targets your triceps and works on abdominal walls to give you toned up arms and flat abs. Lie flat on the floor, with dumbbells in both of your hands and your arms above you. Bend your knees with your feet off the floor and bring your elbows pointed forward and lower the dumbbells to fall next to your ears. Keeping your abs tight, lower your legs towards floor and extend your arms straight up over shoulders. Lift your head and shoulders from the floor and your knees closer to your chest. Hold the position for a second and return back to starting position.

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