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Car accidents are unexpected and unfortunate! Irrespective of the speed of your car, a collision can cause victims to experience minor or major injuries. One common injury many people suffer from is the shoulder injury when your body is forced again rough and tough surfaces. You are more likely to be jerked around. These injuries can take up to few weeks or even months to recover. They can limit the mobility of the arm and affect routine activities. While some injuries are more visible, a few others can take more or less time to appear.

The shoulder is one of the most important parts of your body – this crucial ball and socket comprise muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons. They provide you with wide-ranging body movements. If you are involved in a car accident, you might suffer from a shoulder injury right away. On the other hand, some people experience discomfort after a few days or weeks. Here we have discussed some of the shoulder injuries you will want to know about. Let’s take a look!


Whiplash is certainly the most common injury following a car accident. The injury occurs when your neck abruptly moves forward and backward because of the collision impact. The condition often occurs in rear-end accidents. Many people assume that whiplash affects the neck region. However, it can affect the shoulder and arms as well. Whiplash lasts for a few weeks, months, or even years. It primarily depends on the intensity of injury and car accident circumstances. Do not assume that you will suffer from whiplash immediately after the accident. Make sure to undergo detailed physical examination and diagnosis. The doctor will come up with a personalized treatment program accordingly. Medical testing is important to eliminate the risk of any serious injuries such as herniated disc and spinal cord damage.

Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue injuries are not very critical, yet they affect the shoulder to some extent. It’s a more commonly occurring injury in comparison to bone injuries. A SLAP tear is referred to tearing the ring of cartilage surrounding the shoulder joint. This tissue helps in easing the shoulder joint and makes an important point of connection for other ligaments as well. Trauma following a car accident can result in tearing. Primarily depending on the severity of the injury, a doctor will recommend you either invasive or non-invasive treatment plan.

Shoulder Joint or Labral Tears

A shoulder joint tear is also known as a labral tear. It tears the fibrous tissue that protects the humerus in the shoulder’s socket. The symptoms of the condition vary from one individual to another. For instance, you are more likely to feel shoulder pain while performing any physically intensive tasks or playing sports. At the same time, there can be a limited range of arm mobility. In case you are not feeling any pain, you may experience some instability in the shoulders or weakness.

Shoulder Dislocation

Your shoulder joint is referred to as the ball and socket joint. Unfortunately, if the upper arm bone split up from the shoulder blade, you will probably suffer from a shoulder dislocation. The impact of an accident can be quite significant. At times, a powerful force can result in irregular rotation leading to shoulder dislocation. It’s important to consult a doctor as soon as possible who will position your arm bone in the shoulder socket ensuring quick recovery and get back to a normal lifestyle. In rare and severe cases, shoulder dislocation require surgery. 

Rotator Cuff Tears 

The muscles and tendons in the rotator cuffs are more vulnerable to tearing. As soon as the shoulder blade forces them, the condition is known as shoulder impingement. In this condition, you will experience pain when moving your arms and a limited range of mobility. Also, you may feel shoulder weakness. 

Shoulder Sprain

A shoulder sprain is another commonly occurring soft tissue injury. The condition occurs when the ligaments surrounding the joint are strained further than the normal range of movement because of the accident impact. Even if the sprain is minor, you will still need rest and ice application. If you are not treating your shoulder sprain, it may lead to more injuries affecting your routine activities and lifestyle.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain after car accident, seek prompt medical care. It won’t be exaggerating to say that time is the real essence. It’s important to get yourself examined immediately. Proper diagnosis helps in identifying the root cause of the problem. As soon as you undertake the diagnostic tests, they will figure out the symptoms and recommend a treatment plan accordingly. It will eliminate any potential life-threatening injury.

When it comes to getting medical treatment, do not delay. Following diagnostic imaging to identify the root cause of injury and other associated symptoms, get a referral for further treatment. A doctor won’t be able to treat you unless and until they are familiar with the underlying symptoms. They will guide you on the best treatment possible.

Wrapping Up

Being involved in a car accident is an overwhelming situation. There can be so many things in your mind making you confused and traumatized. At this point, taking care of your health should be the foremost priority. You should be concerned about any injuries you are experiencing – one is certainly shoulder pain. A minor injury can eventually become chronic if left untreated. Your shoulder pain can be a symptom of many other injuries such as fracture, impingement, rotator cuff tear, etc.

Therefore, seeking medical care for physical examination and treatment should not be optional, but a must. It is no surprise that shoulders considerably contribute to wellbeing. We depend on them for doing never-ending tasks. While they have a unique range of mobility, at the same time they are delicate and more vulnerable to any injury. For any shoulder-related injuries, feel free to write to us in the comment section below. We would highly appreciate your input.

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