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Jeans is a must have fashion accessory in every wardrobe. Today you see jeans coming all types of fitting and colour variants. The comfort that jeans provide makes it one of the most used clothing of your wardrobe. However with regular use, it becomes worn out or gets lose. But yet you would still want to retain it. Lets us learn how you can recreate and renew your old jeans at home with some alterations :

1. Tighten Lose Jeans

1 Everyone loves to wear a well fitted jeans but with regular use it become lose, to tighten the jeans, one would opt for a belt, but you can fix it without wearing a belt. All you need is a elastic strip to fix it. Take the elastic strip should be in the length that would cover your back. Sew the strip with sewing machine on the back side and voila your jeans will fit you well again.

2. Get Ripped Design On Your Jeans

2 If you are getting bored of wearing a simple straight jeans every day, then it’s time to give a new look to your jeans. To get the cut out or ripped look on your jeans, mark the spots you want cut out with a washable pen. After marking the spots, make holes in the marked spots with help of scissors. Ensure that you don’t make holes too big, small holes will do the trick. With help of a fork, get the threads off that will show under the rips you have made. This will complete the look of ripped jeans.

3. Distressed Jeans

3 You will need a grater to create this look on your jeans. The look will come out perfect if you wearing it. Take the grater and rub it over the areas you want to get the look. Preferable you can opt for the spots where your jeans get most strained like knees or back pockets.

4. Reinvent Shrunken Jeans

.4 Do not fret if your jeans has shrunken in its length. Simply stitch a decorative lace at the bottom cuffs of the jeans and you will get a new look for your jeans. You can even use beads or sequins to create a different and unique look.

5. Turn Your Lose Fitting Jeans Into Skinny Jeans

4 If you are one of those who loves skinny jeans, then you can simply change your lose jeans to skinny jeans. To do this wear the jeans first and with help of safety pins marks the spots where you want the seams to be. After marking the spots, turn your jeans inside out and rip off the original seams. Finally stitch the jeans in the flow of new seam spots you marked with safety pins.

6. Bonus Tip

5 To loosen up the jeans which are tight to you, wear the jeans and sit with the jeans on in the bath tub filled with warm water for few minutes. This will loosen up the threads, take off the jeans, allow them dry or wash it in hot water one more time and leave it dry.

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