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Sometimes you try to go on a diet bur your body still doesn’t get any thinner. You high level of exercise also does not help. And there are times when you have a sudden weight loss that everyone notices and you are like “But I didn’t do anything!”. Well, the reality is, your hormones play a major role in good body shape. They control bodily functions and also help us stay motivated for our goals. Here are few details which related hormone levels to weight loss.

How Hormones Rule Our Body?

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They are control units in our body which serve as communication between different parts of our body. This is why hormone imbalance could be a reason behind complications in weight loss. Insulin is one of the most important hormone which keeps metabolism on track.

These Are The Weight Gain Hormones.

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Reverse T3 is a hormone which obstructs thyroid hormone from working properly. This leads to hypothyroidism and subsequent weight gain. Another is cortisol which becomes very active because of high stress and leads to increased appetite and less energy. Lastly, estrogen hormones in females can be leading cause of weight gain. Here we have listed ways to keep your hormones balanced.


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You must find ways to relax yourself after a stressful day. It impacts a lot of your hormones. You could take a 10 minute walk or practice meditation.


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You need a good sleep of 6-8 hours for keeping yourself in healthy state. It is the best form of relaxing yourself. This is why you should avoid having caffeine late in the night.


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Having fruits is essential for body detox. They increase leptin production which is a signal sent to the brain, telling that it is full. This way you won’t over-indulge in anything and keep your food intake to appropriate levels. Too many carbohydrates can make you insulin resistant which leads your body to not know the difference in bad food and good food.

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