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Training abs is such a high fascination among young boys and men. Women love to flaunt if their man has perfect abs. While there is lot of information and many gym instructors there to guide you to get perfect abs, often wrong information leads to confusion. This results in wrong training techniques. Although you might be take a right route to training for abs however you might be making some mistakes that are causing hindrance in achieving your goals. Here are 9 common mistakes that you must stop making to train your abs. Rectify these errors and get the sculpted abs:

1. Not Doing Compound Exercises

1 Image: Source While isolation exercises target your major muscle groups and perfect tone up the targeted muscles, you must include compound exercises too in your workout routine. Compound exercises like squats, presses, and deadlifts engage your core and train more than one muscle group. Ensure to include compound exercises in training to get achieve results effectively.

2. Doing Ab Exercises First

2 Image: Source Training abs in the beginning of the workout means your core is getting fatigued early. Instead of doing the abs training early during the workout, keep your energies stabilised and do the ab workouts in the end.

3. Not keeping A Check on What You Eat

3 Image: Source No matter how hard you train and no matter how many reps of abs exercises you do, you will not get them right until you start eating right. Make sure that you keep a check on what you eat to get six packs.

4. Working Out Only On Abs

4 Image: Source Instead Of focusing all of your workout session on abs, you should give about 15 minutes only to work on abs. 1 or 2 exercises with 2 to 3 sets reps should be good enough to get desired results. Include compound exercises like deadlifts and squats as they engage your entire core and help to sculpt abs.

5. Training Abs Everyday

5 Image: Source Working out on your everyday is not a good idea as just like other muscles your abs too needs a recovery period. Give a gap of a day for ab muscles to recover. If you are able to crunches everyday without any muscle issues, then you probably need to do a harder move. Ensure to give a gap of one day while working on your abs.

6. You Do Crunches Only

6 Image: Source Crunches are not the only way to train the abs. If you only focus only on crunches, you will not be able to see any difference in your body in long run. You will need to include other ab exercises like ab wheel rollout, barbell Russian twist, planks and other such workout that target your abs.

7. Not Focusing On Form

7 Image: Source When you are doing the abs exercises, you must ensure that you follow the move in correct form. Even countless reps of a workout will go in vain if you do not do the exercise in correct form. Ensure your abs are engaged in every rep.

8. Forgetting Your Lower Back

8 Image: Source While training your abs, you should also make sure that you training your lower back too. Your core is not just about your front but it also includes your back and hence it is imperative to include lower back moves like hyperextensions, deficit deadlifts.

9. Not Working On Different Angles

9 Image: Source Your core muscles run in all directions and thus you must make sure that your workout includes moves in different directions. Advanced moves like windshield wipers work on entire core including obliques and lower back, however if you find it too hard then do indulge in different variations of crunches to work on different angels.

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