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You must be well aware that while you are sleeping, your body repairs itself by removing all the dead cells and intoxicating your body, and thus, it is crucial that you do not neglect your sleep. Every expert recommends that one should sleep for about six to eight hours. If you are having difficult, you must consult a doctor. You should also know the best positions you can stick to, while you are sleeping. It is according to the aches you have in your body.

1. If You Have Lower Back Pain:

11 Image Source: Daily Health Post When your back hurts, it is tough to get a rest and even more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. All you need is a little support. It is important that your ear, shoulder, and hip should be in a position that your spine is aligned. Best would be to sleep on your back, but if you love to sleep on your stomach it is better to do by putting a pillow under it so that your spine is in better alignment. Keep a flat pillow below your head or sleep without one. When you sleep on your side, put a firm pillow between your knees and then pull your knees a little towards your chest. Even a rolled towel under your waist could help your spine be in better alignment. Do not twist or bend from your waist area but move your whole body together.

2. If You Have Shoulder Pain:

12 Image Source: Daily Health Post When your one shoulder hurts, try to not lying on that side as it would add even more pressure. A pillow should be placed between your knees and also between your elbows and chest. In case, you have pain in both the shoulders lay on your back with your arms on your sides.

3. If You Have Sinus:

13 Image Source: Daily Health Post Cold and other allergies tend to get worse after sleep, so it is better if keep pillows under your head and shoulders while you lay on your back. This way sinus would drain into the back of your throat and you would not be uncomfortable and recover quickly.

4. If You Have Headaches:

14 Image Source: Daily Health Post Headaches are mess and they don’t let you have a good sleep until they are gone. To try to sleep during it, you should lay on your back and put rolled-up towel on both sides of your head. You would be fast asleep.

5. If You Have Menstrual Pain:

15 Image Source: Daily Health Post For getting a good sleep while you are having constant menstruation cramps, you should lie on your back with a pillow under your knees, as it will release some pressure from your abdomen. Placing a hot water bottle on your abdomen or back also works well for easing cramps.

6. If You Have High Blood Pressure:

16 Image Source: Daily Health Post Sleep deprivation and stress leads to an increase in blood pressure. And if you are suffering from blood pressure you must make sure that you NEVER sleep on your back. It is the worst position for it. If you sleep on your right side, it is going to ease pressure on your heart and thus lower your blood pressure.

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