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We all know that to lose weight it is important to follow a healthy diet together with an active lifestyle and fitness regime. Your fitness routine essentially consists of exercises that will ward off the excess fats stored in your body. However did you know that you must follow the exercises based on your body type? Yes it is true that whether an exercise will work on you or not depends on your body shape. Scroll over as we explore which are best exercises based on your body shape:

1. Pear Shaped Body

1 If your body weight is more on your hips, calves and thighs, you fall in pear shaped body. Women with pear body shape must invest 30 to 60 minutes of cardio exercises at last 5 to 6 times a week. These women will need to focus more on toning up their legs and will need to target their thighs and hips by doing exercises like squats, lunges and calf raises. These exercises will target lower body muscle group and help you to melt cellulite from these areas.

2. Apple Shaped

2 When the girls have more of their weight spread on their upper body, their body shape is defined as apple shaped body. Apple women are have bulging waistlines and thinner legs. For these women it is best to indulge in cardio exercises to fight the tummy bulge and increase lean muscle mass. To enhance their fitness routine, they can even opt for aerobics or zumba dancing to melt the fats from their belly. They must try crunches, push ups and triceps extensions to targets their abs, obliques and arms muscle groups.

3. Hourglass Body

3 An hour glass body is the one in which your body is round and curvy on your shoulders and hips but your waist line is well defined. Even though weight is proportionally spread on your body, your body tends to get flab in unwanted parts of body. The best form of exercise for you would be combining your regular cardio with aerobic and dance forms like zumba dancing to cut on body fats. Target multiple muscle groups by doing weight exercises like planks, dumbbells rows and triceps extension squats.

4. Rectangle Shaped Body

4 Rectangle shaped body is when a woman has equal fat deposits all over her body. Women with type of body must focus on losing weight by including cardio exercises and adopting weight training exercises like push ups, lunges, squats and dips. Avoid giving too much resistance on your legs and focus on doing moderate resistance exercises on your upper body.

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