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Pregnancy is that special moment in a woman’s life where in she literally takes a new birth. During the 9 months of pregnancy a woman’s body goes through several changes as the fetus grows week by week. When your baby gets formed in your womb, it is a cluster of cells which develop each week and then forms face, legs, arms, heartbeat. As the baby grows it starts kicking you. Scroll over as we bring a video that shows how your baby develops each week during pregnancy before your little wonder enters your world:

1. Your baby is like a cluster of cells at the time of conception.


2. By the second month the fetus develops to a size of kidney bean, keeps moving and has webbed fingers.


3. By the time you are in your seventh month, your baby is 40 cm that is 15 inches and the baby can open and close eyes and can see around itself.


4. Watch the video to find week after week development of your baby in your womb

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