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Discover tomboy outfits for high school. 20+ tomboy-inspired looks, both fashionable and comfortable. Perfect for teenage girl who want to dress casually without looking sloppy. Tomboy outfits can be worn for any occasion, but they are especially popular for everyday wear or for casual events. Many girls who identify as tomboys feel more comfortable in these types of clothes than in more feminine attire.

One of the great things about tomboy style is that it can be adapted to suit any budget. You don't need to spend a lot of money on new clothes to achieve the look - often, simply raiding your brother's or father's closet will do the trick!

Tomboy outfits for girls are casual and comfortable, often inspired by men's fashion. Here are some popular Tomboy outfits to consider:

Loose-fitting jeans or shorts
Button-down shirts or flannel shirts
Hoodies or oversized sweaters with silver cross accessories
Sneakers or combat boots
Baseball caps or beanies
Denim or leather jackets
Utility vests or cargo pants
Graphic tees or tank tops
Athletic wear like track pants or windbreakers.

She Nails Tomboy Look In A Unicorn Tee With Comfy Light-wash Jeans!

She nails tomboy look in a unicorn tee with comfy light-wash jeans! Swag Tomboy, Outfit Instagram With Jeans | Mom Jeans, Casual Wear, Fashion Nova

Oversized black graphic tee, light-wash distressed denim, sneakers, accessorized with sunglasses.

Try Out This Tomboy Look With A Cozy Red Sweater And Classic Ripped Jeans!!!

Try out this tomboy look with a cozy red sweater and classic ripped jeans!!! Tomboy Outfits For Teenage Girl, Electric Blue Outfit Inspo With Jeans, Denim, Trousers | Casual Wear, Electric Blue

Maroon crewneck sweatshirt paired with ripped light blue jeans and red-and-white sneakers, accessorized with a black cap, suitable for casual outings.

You'll Find Tomboy Inspiration In Green Sweatshirt And Shorts Combo!!

You'll find tomboy inspiration in green sweatshirt and shorts combo!! Tumblr, Outfit Style Shoulder, Automotive Tire, T-shirt | Automotive Tire

Green oversized sweatshirt with bold lettering, black shorts, brightly colored sneakers, and casual socks, ideal for a relaxed, sporty look.

She Goes All Out With The Tomboy Style In A Black Outfit And Cargo Pants!!

She goes all out with the tomboy style in a black outfit and cargo pants!! Street, Electric Blue Clothing Ideas With T-shirt | Electric Blue

Black oversized T-shirt paired with black cargo pants, white sneakers, and a black beanie.

Her Tomboy Outfit Is On Point In An Adidas Set With A Pop Of Pastel!!

Her tomboy outfit is on point in an Adidas set with a pop of pastel!! Tomboy Outfits For Teenage Girl, Electric Blue Classy Outfit With T-shirt, Sportswear | Electric Blue, Sports Equipment

Black athletic tracksuit with white stripes, incorporating a multicolored side stripe detail, paired with white sneakers, ideal for casual outings or sports events.

You Can't Go Wrong With Her Tomboy Attire In A Mint-accented Tracksuit!

You can't go wrong with her tomboy attire in a mint-accented tracksuit! Tomboy Outfits For School, Outfit Pinterest With T-shirt, Trousers, Sweatpant, Sportswear | Polo Shirt, Casual Wear, Baseball Cap

Oversized black and white rugby shirt, light khaki cargo pants, chunky white sneakers, and a navy bucket hat, suitable for a streetwear look.

Explore The Tomboy Fashion With This Striped Tee And Denim!

Explore the tomboy fashion with this striped tee and denim! Tomboy Outfits For School, Outfit Inspiration Track, Senior Class Photography, Grunge Fashion | Grunge Fashion, Senior Class Photography

Striped brown and black t-shirt, distressed blue jeans, black sneakers, accessorized with a black beanie, urban style, suitable for everyday wear.

You'll Love The Easy Tomboy Vibe She Gets From A Plain Black Tee And Shorts!

You'll love the easy tomboy vibe she gets from a plain black tee and shorts! Cute Tomboy Outfits, Look Inspiration With T-shirt | Casual Wear

Black oversized T-shirt with graphic, matching shorts, white high-top sneakers, accessorized with hoop earrings and sunglasses, streetwear look.

She Shows How To Wear Tomboy Outfits With A Fluffy Jacket And Gray Pants!!

She shows how to wear tomboy outfits with a fluffy jacket and gray pants!! Street Style, Electric Blue Outfit Pinterest With Denim, T-shirt | Electric Blue, Fashion Design

Beige fleece zip-up jacket, dark gray ripped jeans, white sneakers, and a checkered shoulder bag, suitable for outings.

She Pulls Off The Tomboy Look With Ease In Brown Top And Loose Jeans!

She pulls off the tomboy look with ease in brown top and loose jeans! Street, Designer Outfit With Denim, Jeans, T-shirt, Trousers | Cargo Pants, Pointed Toe, Fashion Design

Brown hoodie, navy puffer vest, baggy black jeans, navy baseball cap, and black-and-white sneakers, accessorized with a black shoulder bag.

Get This Look With A Crisp Tomboy Tee And Brown Cargos!!

Get this look with a crisp tomboy tee and brown cargos!! Swag Tomboy, Look Inspiration Tomboy Baggy Outfits Luggage And Bags, Wide-leg Jeans | Wide-leg Jeans, Luggage And Bags

Oversized white tee paired with baggy brown trousers, accessorized with a luxury monogram crossbody bag, chunky sneakers, and sunglasses, ideal for a casual streetwear look.

Find Your Tomboy Groove With An Iconic White Tee And Loose-fitting Jeans

Find your tomboy groove with an iconic white tee and loose-fitting jeans Street, Classy Outfit With Jeans, T-shirt, Sportswear | Wide-leg Jeans

Oversized graphic white tee paired with distressed baggy jeans and chunky white sneakers, accessorized with hoop earrings.

You Can Wear This Black & Red Jacket With Torn Black Jeans For A Trendy Look!

You can wear this Black & Red Jacket with torn black jeans for a trendy look! Aesthetic, Attire With Blazer | Fashion Design, Leather Jacket, Personal Protective Equipment

Black and red varsity jacket, distressed high-waisted jeans, with white sneakers. Accessorized with a black mask and handbag.

You Can Dress Up Tomboy Style Too With This Smart Shirt And Coat Combo

You can dress up tomboy style too with this smart shirt and coat combo Tomboy Outfits For School, Lookbook Fashion Dr Martens Inspo, Fashion Accessory | Dr. Martens, Fashion Accessory, Dr Martens Women's 1460 Boots

Black blazer over white shirt paired with distressed light-wash denim jeans, black leather shoes.

A Tomboy Day Out Calls For Her Graphic Shirt And Comfortable Jeans

A tomboy day out calls for her graphic shirt and comfortable jeans Aesthetic, High Water Pants With Boots | Leather Jacket, Fashion Design, Clothing Brand

Black oversized coat, graphic white tee, light blue mom jeans, and black lace-up boots, suited for streetwear.

This Girl Is Wearing Black T-shirt With Red & White Printed Shoes, Giving Us Tomboy Look!!

This girl is wearing black T-shirt with red & white printed shoes, giving us tomboy look!! Cute Tomboy Outfits, Outfit Inspiration Hippie Tomboy Outfits, T-shirt | Casual Wear

Olive green cargo pants paired with a charcoal graphic tee and red-and-white checkered slip-on shoes for a casual outing.


#TomboyOutfitsForGirls Tomboy Outfits For Teenage Girl, Outfit Style Tomboy Style Shop, Online Shopping | Girly Girl, Fashion Brand, Girls' Outfit

Pale pink oversized hoodie with camouflage T-shirt, distressed black jeans, and black high-top sneakers suitable for casual streetwear. Accessorized with a black cap.

You Can Wear This Layered Hoodie With Sleek Black Pants To Achieve This Tomboy Look!

You can wear this layered hoodie with sleek black pants to achieve this tomboy look! Tomboy Outfits For Girls, Dresses Ideas Hoodie Tomboy Outfit, Oversize Hoodie | Fashion Design, Oversize Hoodie

Black oversized faux fur jacket, white graphic hoodie, slim black jeans, and chunky white sneakers.

Get This Hot Tomboy Look By Opting For A Graphic Outfit Paired With Contrasting Socks!

Get this hot tomboy look by opting for a graphic outfit paired with contrasting socks! Cute Tomboy Outfits, Black Outfit Style With Shorts, T-shirt |

Oversized black t-shirt and shorts set with neon green flame design, paired with neon green socks and chunky white sneakers, accessorized with silver jewelry.

Nail The Tomboy Look With This Outfit!

Nail the tomboy look with this outfit! Baddie Outfits, Apparel Tomboy Chic Outfits, Winter Clothing | Girly Girl, Casual Wear, Winter Clothing

Burgundy knit sweater over a white shirt, paired with gray cropped trousers, beige beanie, black loafers, and a shoulder bag.

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