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When guys have jury duty, it's all about finding that sweet spot between looking sharp and feeling comfy. Think of a clean button-up shirt matched with some nicely tailored pants in navy or grey. Throw on your favorite pair of dress shoes and keep accessories simple. The goal? Rock a look that's both professional and relaxed as you handle your civic duty. After all, confidence is key, so go for an outfit that makes you feel good while you're in the courtroom.

Looking Civic-minded In A Classic Pattern That Adds Some Flair To The Legal Proceedings!

Looking civic-minded in a classic pattern that adds some flair to the legal proceedings!

Striped light blue button-up shirt, navy blue trousers, striped tie, and black dress shoes ideal for business casual attire. Accessorized with a wristwatch.

Throw On A Tan Blazer To Add A Touch Of Class To Your Civic Duties

Throw on a tan blazer to add a touch of class to your civic duties

Tan double-breasted blazer, white button-up shirt, navy trousers, and black loafers; ideal for business casual events or smart daywear.

Pair Up A Smart Cotton Shirt With Versatile Chinos For A Jury-approved Look!

Pair up a smart cotton shirt with versatile chinos for a jury-approved look!

Navy button-down shirt, khaki chinos, white sneakers; accessorized with sunglasses and a watch, ideal for a smart-casual event or day out.

You Can't Go Wrong With A Tailored Grey Shirt And Subtle Plaid For A Polished Finish!

You can't go wrong with a tailored Grey shirt and subtle plaid for a polished finish!

Crisp white shirt, plaid grey trousers, black leather loafers, and a dark tie, perfect for business casual events.

When Duty Calls, Just Throw On A Cable Knit Sweater And Those Sharp Trousers To Show Up In Style!

When duty calls, just throw on a cable knit sweater and those sharp trousers to show up in style!

Cable-knit beige sweater over a collared shirt with navy trousers, complemented by brown leather loafers. Ideal for smart-casual occasions or a polished office look. Accessorized with sunglasses and a leather watch.

That Subtle Sheen On Grey Wool? It's Just Timeless, Perfect For Jury Service!

That subtle sheen on grey wool? It's just timeless, perfect for jury service!

Light gray tailored suit paired with a white shirt, silver tie, brown leather shoes, and sunglasses, ideal for formal events or business meetings.

Looking Sharp For Jury Duty In Warm Neutrals And The Subtle Complexity Of A Checkered Weave

Looking sharp for jury duty in warm neutrals and the subtle complexity of a checkered weave

Camel overcoat, turtleneck sweater, checked trousers in gray, brown belt, and matching leather shoes. Ideal for business casual events or stylish streetwear.

Switch It Up With Some Taupe And White Cottons For A Fresh Take On Courthouse Attire

Switch it up with some taupe and white cottons for a fresh take on courthouse attire

Khaki button-up shirt paired with white chinos and brown loafers, accessorized with a leather belt, ideal for smart-casual events.

Spice Up Your Attire With A Woolen Brown Blazer And Some Sleek Black Trousers

Spice up your attire with a woolen brown blazer and some sleek black trousers

Camel blazer, black t-shirt, dark slim-fit trousers, and tasseled loafers, accessorized with sunglasses, suitable for smart-casual events.

Make A Statement With A Pink Cotton Shirt Paired Up With Refined Grey For Legal Proceedings!

Make a statement with a pink cotton shirt paired up with refined grey for legal proceedings!

Pink slim-fit dress shirt, gray trousers, and black dress shoes; ideal for business casual events or office wear.

You've Got The Best Of Both Worlds With Relaxed Wool And Structured Cotton For The Thoughtful Juror!

You've got the best of both worlds with relaxed wool and structured cotton for the thoughtful juror!

Taupe tailored suit with a white crew neck sweater, paired with white sneakers. Ideal for smart-casual events or stylish office wear.

Getting Ready For Jury Duty? Just Slip Into A Striped Cotton Shirt And Pair It With Some Dark Trousers!

Getting ready for jury duty? Just slip into a striped cotton shirt and pair it with some dark trousers!

Striped blue and white button-up shirt, paired with dark navy trousers and black boots. Includes wristwatch accessory; suitable for smart-casual events or office wear.

For A Polished Juror Look, Pair Up Cable Knit Wool With Navy Trousers

For a polished juror look, pair up cable knit wool with navy trousers

Ivory cable-knit sweater, dark blue trousers, brown leather loafers; ideal for smart-casual events. Complete with wristwatch, styling with a semi-tucked sweater.

For Jurors Who Mean Business, Go For A Rich Burgundy Wool Sweater For That Determined Look

For jurors who mean business, go for a rich burgundy wool sweater for that determined look

Burgundy cable-knit sweater, black trousers, and glossy loafers, complemented by sleek watch; ideal for smart-casual events or stylish gatherings. Add sunglasses for a touch of cool.

When It Comes To Jury Apparel, Mix Textured Knits With Classic Green Pants For A Winning Look!

When it comes to jury apparel, mix textured knits with classic green pants for a winning look!

Brown V-neck sweater with checkered shirt, grey slacks, brown leather shoes and belt, carrying a tan briefcase, ideal for business casual occasions.

Stay Comfy During Your Civic Duty With A Wool Sweater And Khaki Pants That Are Just The Perfect Pair For The Jury Box

Stay comfy during your civic duty with a wool sweater and khaki pants that are just the perfect pair for the jury box

Grey ribbed sweater, khaki chinos rolled up at the ankle, and white sneakers; ideal for casual outings.

Stay Warm And Refined With A Coat That Matches The Seriousness Of Jury Service

Stay warm and refined with a coat that matches the seriousness of jury service

Camel overcoat, black turtleneck, trousers; white sneakers for a smart casual look with sunglasses as an accessory. Ideal for city outings or business casual events.

Nailing The Juror Dress Code Is Easy With A Simple Yet Striking White Shirt And Navy Pairing!

Nailing the juror dress code is easy with a simple yet striking white shirt and navy pairing!

Crisp white dress shirt, navy trousers, brown leather belt, burgundy tie, and a dark blazer. Ideal for a professional setting or formal event.

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