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You must be reading everywhere these days about planks and how successful they are in beating up your belly fat and getting a strong core. Well, when crunches and sit ups don’t work, planks are really a bonus in providing you a good body. But, it is also true that just planks are not going to get you nice abs, if you don’t combine it with other exercises. But it is surely important as if you want it to work you must do it regularly and consistently. Read some more about how planks actually work.

1. The Science Involves

11 Planks do involve work of your arms, shoulders and legs at the same time. It also improves a person’s concentration and mentally and physically strong. There are kinds of planks like side planks, reverse planks and etc, depending on which one you prefer the most. Your entire core region is strained when you do a plank the correct way. It is better than doing just crunches and sit-ups, right? A plank would provide you an enhanced balance of your body and you could remain more athletic.

2. What are the drawbacks?

12 Well, the truth is planks are quite tough and are they worth it? Many gym trainers are quite skeptical about it as they already have other ways to get prefect abs. Hanging leg raises, reverse crunches and all the machines in the gym prove easier to train abs which is why many claim that planks are overrated. Here is something scary. Did you know that hundreds of plank lovers end up in hospital because of costochondritis. In it, the cartilage which connects the ribs to sternum inflames. It is not suitable for blood pressure patients as well because it is isometric. You cannot even add any resistance to improve the planks results, like you can with weight lifting and other exercises. Although, there are advanced plank variations which one can try once expert in the basic planks.

3. How effective is it, then?

13 Planks have its own pros and cons. They are best for new people who have started to workout. Planks increase muscle endurance and strengthen core muscles. But you need to go through its advanced versions for better results. If you have a balanced diet and be regular in your training, then you will have good results. You must mix them with all other exercises to have best results for your body.

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