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Short hair is easy to manage, looks bold and has its own charm. It takes courage to chop your locks into pixie haircuts, but it certainly transforms your personality. No matter what colour is your hair, pixie hairdo makes you stand out in crowd. Pixie hairstyle trends in 2018 for black hair has given a new horizon altogether to this classic hairstyle. From sleek to shiny, slanted to perfectly straight pixie locks in black hair give you gorgeous looks. We have compiled the best pixie hairstyle trends in 2018 for black hair. Ditch the lunch with your bestie and go for a date with your hair to get new pixie haircut :

1. Pixie hairstyle trends in 2018 for black hair sees a sleek and sophisticated cut on top of the line this year. With no hairs over the face, this slick and short pixie haircut gives you a glamorous appearance.

2. Retain the volume on your hair with choppy pixie hairdo for that flirty look. With your hair looking full on the top this style is surely a head turner.

3. Get bold with this strong pixie haircut that goes best with black hair and blends with all skin tones. The sleek and elegant style adds a spark in your look and works great for the women the go.

4. Pick this pixie hairstyle if you wanna have soft natural fuller hair look. The style retains the feminine touch in your hair giving you a playful girly look.

5. Give your locks an edgy and unique long and short pixie haircut, for that no fuss and professional look. The style works great for those with thin hair and requires minimal time in morning to make the hair.

6. Experiment a little with Pixie hairstyle trends in 2018 for black hair. Sculpt your crowning glory to perfect pixie hair length with a geometrical pixie hairdo.

7. Boost up the texture of your hair and do away with frizzy hair with an uneven section pixie hairdo. The style works great both for a casual day look and can be easily be tamed to one side to get a formal evening look.

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