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when pretty girls post selfies on Instagram, it seems that they look pretty all the time. But, thankfully, girls have started a trend where they post their most ugly pictures as well.

There was a blog “Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces” which invited girls to send their not-so-good pictures. And yes, there were many submissions. This not only brings laughter, but also tell everyone that pretty people are also not brought from a “certain” heaven but they are normal as well. Here are few photos which you would see and not believe are of the same person. .

1. A vintage photoshoot!

1 .

2. With little effects and different light, you can look ugly too!

2 .

3. Now this is Transformation!

3 .

4. Is there a ghost inside her body?

4 .

5. Even little babies have different looks.

5 .

6. Yes, it is the same scary woman!

6 .

7. She must be proud of the ugly face making talent.

7 .

8. This is the Snapchat you share with your best friend.

8 .

9. Sometimes, you just don’t want to look pretty.

9 .

10. Nobody looks good while eating snacks, all right?


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