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when pretty girls post selfies on Instagram, it seems that they look pretty all the time. But, thankfully, girls have started a trend where they post their most ugly pictures as well. There was a blog “Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces” which invited girls to send their not-so-good pictures. And yes, there were many submissions. This not only brings laughter, but also tell everyone that pretty people are also not brought from a “certain” heaven but they are normal as well. Here are few photos which you would see and not believe are of the same person.

1. A vintage photoshoot!


2. With little effects and different light, you can look ugly too!


3. Now this is Transformation!


4. Is there a ghost inside her body?


5. Even little babies have different looks.


6. Yes, it is the same scary woman!


7. She must be proud of the ugly face making talent.


8. This is the Snapchat you share with your best friend.


9. Sometimes, you just don’t want to look pretty.


10. Nobody looks good while eating snacks, all right?


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