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We have all grown up watching our super heroes from Spiderman to Superman to Iron Man. Oh well we love these super hero stars, don’t we? Yes of course we do, but when Wonder woman got released recently it was much more than a good-great movie. This was one of its own kinds of movie, which featured a woman as super hero. Finally a movie, all women could relate to, as our ‘Wonder Woman’ is brave and strong. The movie represents that women too are tough and resilient. While this might be a small point for many, but yes when you see movies all around about the men as ‘Super Hero’ it only makes sense to have a ‘Super Hero’ of a woman too. The fact that representation of women as super hero matters is proved with the movie which was followed by a series of images of little girls dressed as ‘Wonder Women’. Check them out for yourself;

1. Wonder Woman had an opening of $100million at domestic box office – this is a record breaking opening for a movie directed by a woman.

1 (10)

2. The movie has a global sale of $223 million. That’s the power of woman.

1 (3)

3. A cool outfit to represent your persona.

1 (4)

4. Not just super hero – males, its time for super hero –females.

1 (6)

5. The spirit of adventure in wonder woman cans be seen all around us.

1 (8)

6. Are they twins or it’s the magic of Wonder Woman.

1 (1)

7. This is getting cute with each passing moment.

1 (9)

8. And the girls of their Wonder Woman toy from McDonalds.

1 (14)

9. She will fight the evil to save the world.

1 (13)

10. She will fight the evil to save the world.

1 (12)

11. Just get a perfect wonder woman for yourself and you will the next super hero.

1 (15)

12. Looks like they want to grow as soon as possible to wear the shoes ofwonder Girl.

1 (17)

13. She wants to own the world now.

1 (7)

14. She is all set to get in action.

1 (16)-min

15. This wonder baby is soon going to be our next wonder woman.

1 (5)-min

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