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With summer right around the corner, it's time to get your hair ready for the sun and heat. Whether you have vacations planned or are just going to be staying around your hometown, your hair has the opportunity to steal the show. You can either leave it concealed under a hat while you're out and about, or you can get it healthy and shiny now so you can let it have its moment in the sun. 

Try Fresh Styles

The first way you can perfect your hair for summertime is by trying out some fresh new styles. When the sun starts shining more and the days get longer, it's the perfect time to pioneer a new hairstyle you've never tried on yourself. If you usually wear your hair down, maybe try out some cute new updos for this summer! If your hair is usually up in a bun or a claw clip, bring it down into some beach waves hair or soft curls. 

If you're a bit nervous about trying a new hairdo, there's no need to worry. You don't have to start with something completely out of the ordinary for yourself or even something you wouldn't normally wear. Making simple changes to your usual styles can help you get more into the summer mood, whether you buy yourself some new scrunchies or find a pretty clip to hold your tresses while you're at work. Trying something a bit different will help you feel more confident and bold as the weather warms up, so don't be afraid!

Get A New Cut and Color

The next way to perfect your hair for summertime is by getting a new cut and color. If you're satisfied with the way you style your hair but still want to change something as the weather starts getting warmer, changing the length or tone of your hair is the perfect way to go about it. 

Many people tone their hair depending on the seasons. In autumn and winter, warm tones come back, from buttery blondes to deep reds. With the cold weather blanketing everything, having a bit of warmth in your hair brightens things up. On the flip side, as the weather gets warmer, you may want to tone your hair cooler. Warm blondes go to ashy ones, fiery reds go to cooler, bluer reds. Toning your hair to match the weather will help you feel balanced and keep your tresses ready for summertime. 

Protect From Heat Damage

The final way to perfect your hair for summertime is by protecting it from heat damage. Whether you plan on going on vacation to somewhere sunny and tropical, or you're just staying at home this year, summer brings hotter temperatures and more direct light. This increased UV radiation and heat can damage your hair if you're not careful. Rather than potentially dealing with breakage, split ends, and brittle hair, protect your strands from heat early on. 

There are two main ways you can protect your hair from heat damage. The first is mechanically- wear something over your head. Wearing a hat or scarf over your hair can keep it out of the sun, thereby protecting it from harsh rays that can leave it brittle. 

The second way you can protect it is chemically- use heat protectant products in your hair care routine. Heat protecting sprays and creams are easily found in both department stores and salons. These products work by adding an extra layer to the surface of your hair, sealing in the moisture and oil each strand naturally has, so that sun and excess heat doesn't dry it out and damage the protein cells. Simply spritzing your hair before you head out can help you prevent damage and keep your hair looking its best all summer long. 

To sum things up, summer is a great time to debut new hair styles, colors, and routines. Whether you have curly or straight hair, let your tresses speak for themselves with these three steps to perfecting your locks this summertime.

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