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Every woman has some or other part of body from where she wants to reduce fats, be it from chin, thighs or from armpits. Although it is difficult to target particular spot to reduce fats however with few exercise and correct diet you can always kick off the fats from your body. To get your body in shape you must follow cardio as well as strength training. Today through post I will explain a few exercises that target the armpit fat deposits. These exercises will not only give you toned up arms but also target your shoulder and arms muscles. You will need a set of moderate dumbbells and floor mat for these exercises. To increase the intensity later on you can try the exercises on bench or Swiss ball. Check these out :

1. Chest Press

1 Image: Source Chest press is a strength building exercise that targets your core and trains your biceps and triceps. To do this exercise, lie straight on a exercise mat with dumbbells on both of your hands. Bend your knees and make sure feet are flat on the floor. Raise your hands towards the ceiling and ensure they in are in line with your chest. Slowly bring the dumbbells towards your chest and once your elbow touches the floor, it will count as one rep. Return your hands to starting position and follow 30 to 35 reps. If you find 2 dumbbells to be difficult you can start with 1 dumbbell at a time.

2. Staggered Push Ups

2 Image: Source This exercise targets your triceps, deltoids and pectorals and engages your shoulders and core. Get your body into regular push position with one of your hand as you place in regular push up and the other in lower chest height. Keep your body straight with support of your extended arms and legs. Flex your elbows and lower your torso to ground. Hold the position for a second and extend your arm to return back to starting position. Follow 16 reps with each arm.

3.Dumbbell Flies

3 Image: Source Dumbbell flies are considered as best exercise to melt fats and tone up arms. To do this exercise lie straight on exercise mat with dumbbells in both of your hands. Keep your knees bent with feet raised up to knee level. Your knees and feet should form straight line. Raise your hands your chest and slowly lower your arms down until your arm touches the floor. Squeeze it up and repeat the exercise. Follow 35 reps.

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