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Old pictures don’t have to be black and white because in the early 20th century, colored photography did arrive. I am sure that not everyone had the access to a camera, but still there must have been people who earned money by creating colorful pictures.

People needed to go to a professional colorist to fill in dyes and pigments in the photographs. Here is a collection of photos created by two French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière. They used dyed grains of potato starch and light-sensitive emulsion to create magnificent effects on photographs that you wouldn’t believe it to be true. Have a look: .

1. This is a picture of 1913, of a girl named Christina.

1 .

2. A picture shot of a flower street vendor in the beautiful Paris in year 1914.

2 .

3. Shot in 1911, the picture shows two lovely girls tying roses.

3 .

4. This picture is taken near a hillside in the year 1925 of two children named, Heinz and Eva.

4 .

5. Bet Paris was different in 1914, eh? These buildings are no longer there.

5 .

6. A gorgeous woman making a pose in year 1909.

6 .

7. This is a picture called Musing, of Mrs. A. Van Besten from year 1910.

7 .

8. This is the Eiffel Tower shot in year 1914.

8 .

9. A picture shot of a little girl in Reims, France in year 1917.

9 .

10. Shot in 1915, this picture is named The Grenata Street Army.


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