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Nadine Caridi, also known as Nadine Macaluso, has made a name for herself as a successful model and actress. Born in London, England on November 06, 1962. Nadine Caridi holds both British and American nationality. Her parents moved to Brooklyn, New York she spent her entire childhood there. Although there isn't much information available about her parents.

nadine caridi


Full Name: Nadine Caridi

Nationality: British

Gender: Female

Famous For: Being the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort, a popular stockbroker

Marital Status: Married

Present Husband: John Macaluso

Net worth: $5 million

Height: 5'8" (178 cm)

Weight: 121 lbs (55kg)

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Education and Carrer

  • Nadine Caridi attended John Dewey High School in Brooklyn and later pursued a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She completed her Ph.D. in 2015.
  • After earning her Ph.D., Nadine Caridi began working as a marriage counselor and family therapist. She now goes by the name Dr. Nadine Macaluso, embracing her new professional identity.
  • Nadine Caridi kick-started her modeling career as the poster girl for "Miller Lite" beer, which gained her some recognition in the fashion and modeling world. She appeared in various national campaigns, but her fame truly skyrocketed when she entered into a relationship with the notorious drug dealer, Jordan Belfort. 
  • Unfortunately, Nadine Caridi's marriage to Jordan Belfort put a halt to her modeling career. Despite her fame, she struggled to secure significant contracts and saw a decline in her modeling opportunities.

Personal Life

nadine caridi with his ex and husband
  • Their relationship began in 1980s, while Belfort was still married to his first wife. Interestingly, Caridi was introduced to Belfort by her ex-boyfriend, Alan Wilzig, who is an entrepreneur and race car driver.
  • Nadine Caridi met Jordan Belfort at one of his parties, where she was introduced to him by her then-boyfriend, Alan Wilzig. Nadine and Jordan eventually got married in 1991 and have two children together, Chandler and Carter.
  • Their marriage faced numerous challenges due to Belfort's substance abuse, fraudulent activities, and extramarital affairs. They divorced in 2005, and Jordan served 22 months in prison for his crimes.
  • Following her divorce from Jordan Belfort, Nadine Caridi found love again and tied the knot with businessman John Macaluso, a year after her divorce. Nadine continues to embrace her role as a marriage counselor and family therapist while enjoying her married life with John Macaluso.

Fun Facts about Nadine Caridi

  • Nadine Caridi is also known as the Duchess of Bay Ridge, a nickname given to her due to her charm and elegance.
  • Born on December 24, 1967, and holds both British and American nationality.
  • Nadine's modelling career took off when she became the poster girl for the popular beer brand, Miller Lite.
  • She is passionate about mental health and runs her own YouTube channel, "Dr. Nae's Talking Bar," where she discusses various topics related to mental well-being.
  • Nadine's journey as a licensed marriage and family therapist began later in life. She made the decision to pursue a counselling master's degree at the age of 39 and eventually earned a Ph.D. in counselling and somatic psychology.
  • Despite facing challenges in her personal life, Nadine has shown resilience and strength, using her experiences to inspire and help others on their own healing journeys.
  • Nadine Caridi is a proud mother of three daughters and cherishes her role as a parent.
  • Nadine authored her first book, sharing her insights and wisdom gained from her professional and personal experiences.
Nadine Caridi

Latest FAQ’S 2023

Q1) How old is Nadine Caridi?

Ans) Nadine Caridi was born on December 24, 1967. As of 2023, she is 55 years old.

Q2) Who is Nadine Caridi married to now?

Ans) After divorcing Jordan Belfort, Nadine Caridi married American business tycoon John Macaluso in 2001. They have three daughters together.

Q3) Why did Nadine Caridi leave Jordan?

Ans) Nadine Caridi revealed in her TikTok videos that the main reason for leaving Jordan Belfort was his drug addiction and abuse. She had no issues with his extramarital affairs and coming home late.

Q4) Where is Nadine Caridi now?

Ans) Nadine Caridi currently resides with her family in Hermosa Beach, California, and Glen Cove, New York. She works in private practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship expert.

Q5) What is Nadine Caridi's net worth?

Ans) As of 2023, Nadine Caridi has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Q6) Is Nadine Caridi in the movie Wolf of Wall Street?

Ans) Yes, she is in the movie. Her character is portrayed by Margot Robbie in the film Wolf of Wall Street.

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