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When you make up your mind build muscles, the first advice that will come to you to lose weight and then build muscles. Rightly so that’s the way it should be done. But your mind keep pondering with the question that how long will take for you to build the muscles? Well there is definitive answer to this question. Building muscle depends on various factors and each individual will have different time period to get the results, someone may start showing results within few weeks and for other it may take a few months. Scroll over find the speed of your muscle building process:

1. Process

1 Image: Source On an average a male can grow 1-2lb per month, provided he is taking care of his diet and he is following a planned and rigorous workout routine. It may sound like a long journey, however gaining muscle can take up 6 months or even up to 1 year. Sticking weight lifts itself can give you 6 to12 pounds of lean muscles in a 6 to 8 months. In year’s time, this increases to 24 pounds. Gaining 12 pounds in muscles will give you a big amount of strength. You will need to figure out which exercise you will follow to achieve this.

2. Factors That Affect Muscle Building

a. Body Type 2 Image: Source One of the major factors that determines you the speed of muscle building is your body type. Those with more fat in their bodies will definitely take longer time to get that beach body than those with lesser fat in their body. There is a tendency among people to give up on the muscle building as they don’t results coming in the time frame they had thought for themselves. However once you know your body type you would be able to set realistic target and time frame for yourself. b. Muscle Building Diet 3 Image: Source When it comes to muscles, what is you is what you get. Muscle building is not only the amount of time you are spending at gym and the type of exercises you’re doing, but also it involves the food you are eating. One of the major components of muscle building is your protein intake. Ensure to take right amount of protein in diet. Proteins are rich in amino acids which are essential for muscle building. c. Calorie Intake 4 Image: Source Along with protein intake, your calorie intake also plays an important role in building your muscles. After your workout, what you eat and how much calories you consume determines how soon you will build muscles. You must consume protein supplement or protein shake within an hour of exercising. This gives your body raw material it requires to build the tissues. d. Sleep 5 Image: Source Giving your body a good rest and sleep are important as during this time your body repairs the muscle tissues and replaces old cells with new cells. A sound sleep also ensures that your brain is energised and your body is ready to hit the gym again. e. Exercise Routine 6 Image: Source For the building the muscle, ensure that you follow a well planned exercise routine. Make sure that you are doing the exercises in correct manner to avoid injuries. Do not continue to do the same exercises every day, as your muscles will get adapted to the routine and not grow. It is thus important add variation in your exercises.

3. Moving Beyond One Year

7 Image: Source Once you surpass a year time in muscle workout, you must keep in mind that as you get bigger in size, the process of muscle gaining slows down. Each individual body can attain muscles up to a certain level only, beyond that there will be a decline. By the time you 12 month of training muscle gain speed will come down half. For example if in the first year you have gained 20lb, in the second year you will gain 10lb and third year would be 5l lb – going to half each year. However this does not mean that you are not gaining strength. If you do push your limits it is quite possible that you gain 2 to 3 lb a month. The key to achieve a great six pack bidy is the dedication and self motivation. Keep yourself away from the excuses of no equipments- no workout. Focus on goals and never compare your results to others as each individual body is different.

4. Keeping Up With The Up Routine

8 Image: Source Often more than you would think, going to gym might seem too difficult than you think. There will be a tendency to give up in few days of joining as the road ahead will seem to look long. There many people who do this mistake of leaving gym much before even gaining 1pound of muscles, however you need to keep your targets as realistic as possible and keep yourself motivated. Aim to get a slow but a steady and healthy muscle gain rather than overly inappropriate large biceps. Do not get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Work on gaining muscles should be your goal.

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