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A mother would always love to dress up her daughter in latest trends and fashions and click pictures to create memories. Just like all other kids, for Stefani, a 3 year old girl, her mother Alya Chaglar is her best fashionista.

Alya Chaglar has a unique way of dressing her daughter with use of forced perspective technology. Alya is an oil painter by profession and she uses different fruits, vegetables and flowers to create a dress like affect while clicking her daughter’s pictures. The pictures are now breaking the internet as they mother daughter duo becomes a sensation on Instagram. Check out Stefani posing Alya’s fascinating creations in her cute adorable style: .

1. Green celery gown for the little princess

1 .

2. An Angel comes home

2 .

3. A rose ballerina dress makes Stefani all set for the stage.

3 .

4. An elaborate bridesmaid dress is just perfect.

4 .

5. Time for some fruity summer fun.

5 .

6. Gorgeous evening gown

6 .

7. Look at her high heels, perfect stilettos.

7 .

8. Redefining fashion, she loves it.

8 .

9. Ready to hit the beach.

9 .

10. Perfect weekend dress

10 .

11. Precision at its best

11 .

12. Floral bliss.


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