Military Diet That Will Shed 10 Pounds From Your Body In Just 3 Days

In today’s world with a fast paced life we often end up making wrong food choices. Eating out, eating processed foods or grabbing quick fast food bites seems to be an easy option when you don’t have time for a proper meal.

However we all know these eating habits results in weight gain. When fats start getting stored in body, your body gains weight and make you appear uncanny. Being fat also leads to various health issues and this is why it is important that you lose weight. One of the major factors that help you lose weight is your diet. Among many diets that are followed, military diet has been said to help you shed 10 pounds in 3 days. Let’s explore :

1. How Military Diet Helps You To Shed Weight

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If you want to lose weight, you will need to follow some form of physical activity like cardio workout or weights at gym and follow a healthy diet.

To lose weight through diet you will need to consume fewer calories so that your body will use stored up fats for energy. Military diet is low calorie diet which provides less than 1000 calories a day. The diet designed in such a way that it boosts up your metabolism and it serves as kick-start motivation to lose weight. The diet here is meant for women, men can add additional 100 calories in form of protein in this diet.

2. Duration Of Diet

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Military diet is designed in such a way that it lasts for 3 days of diet and rest 4 days of the week you are allowed to eat foods of your choice.

Make sure you eat only healthy foods and avoid junk foods. There is an inclusion of vanilla ice-cream in the diet however it has to be taken in moderation.

3. Day 1

• Breakfast
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Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day as it gives you energy for the rest of the day. Your breakfast for the 1st day of the diet includes ½ grapefruit, 1 slice of toasted whole wheat or multigrain bread with peanut butter and 1 cup of coffee or tea.

Make sure you have black tea or black coffee with no sugar or sugar substitute. If you are not too fond of peanut butter, you can have almond butter, hummus, bean dip or pumpkin butter as a spread for your toasted slice of bread.

• Lunch
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For your lunch, you can have a slice of toasted whole wheat or multigrain bread with no spreads and no butter and ½ a can of tuna with black tea or black coffee

you can add light seasons like garlic salt or pepper to enhance the taste of your meal.

• Dinner
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In dinner you can have 3 ounces of meat of your choice, half banana, 1 small apple, 1 cup of beans and 1 cup of vanilla ice-creamThere are no meals in between meals in this diet and the diet aims to make you eat lesser calories to reduce weight.

4. Day 2

• Breakfast
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On the second day of the diet your breakfast includes 1 slice of toasted whole wheat bread, I egg (scrambled or omelette) and ½ banana and black tea or coffee.

• Lunch
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Your lunch on the second day includes 5 saltine crackers, 1 boiled egg and 1 cup of cottage cheese If you don’t wish to have cottage cheese you can have a slice of low fat cheddar cheese.

• Dinner
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Your dinner will include 2 hot dogs but without buns, 1 cup broccoli, ½ cup carrots, ½ banana and ½ cup of vanilla ice-creamYou can consume vegetables in steamed, baked or boiled form. You can even have them raw however do not fry them.

5. Day 3

• Breakfast
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On the third you can have an apple, 5 saltine crackers and a slice of low fat cheese for your breakfast. You can substitute saltine crackers with rice cakes and instead of cheese you can also have ham or eggs or soy cheese.

• Lunch
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Your lunch includes 1 slice of toasted whole wheat bread and 1 boiled egg

Although the quantity of lunch looks to be less it cover ups the calories required on this day.

• Dinner
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For your dinner on the third day of military diet you can have 1 cup of tuna, ½ banana and 1 cup of vanilla ice-cream

• Additional Tips
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  • Do not substitute or have any other food items other than listed in the diet

    You can swap your lunch with dinner however mid meal snacks are not allowed.

  • Do not consume any alcoholic drinks while you are on this diet, this includes the remaining 4 days too when you are not on military diet.
  • On the remaining 4 days of the week make sure you consume healthy foods only.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 2 to 3 litres a day.
  • Go for 30 minutes of walk while you are following this diet.
  • Since this is a low calorie diet, consult your physician before starting of the diet.

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