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Couples love to do things together. It always helps if you want to improve your relationship with your partner. Some love to get their lover’s name tattooed on them, but here are some great ideas listed. You can do lovely things like the following and show your partner how much you are in love with them. These are more sophisticated than getting names on bodies.

1. Heart with the initial of the name.

1 At least if you guys break up, it would be easier to find someone with the same initial rather than same name.

2. Mr and Mrs

2 When you are married, it would look adorable and make all the rest of married couples jealous.

3. King and Queen

3 Style it up the royal style.

4. Opposites!!

4 If you are complete opposites but still in love, this would suit the best.

5. Lock and key

5 Things the belong together!

6. Cartoons

6 Snoopy and Woodstock will never lose each other.

7. Disney World

7 Mickey and Mini always stick around.

8. Hearts that belong together.


9. Puzzle pieces would be perfect.


10. You can get fingerprints.


11. Birds stay together.


12. Ampersand arrow with initials.


13. It means I love you.


14. Oh the bride!


15. The cards of King and Queen.


16. Get the latitudes and longitudes of a special day.


17. Get “love”


18. Get Mr and Mrs Pacman!! All right!!


19. The Yin and Yang of love.


20. These are the love branches!


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