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In our zest to lose weight, we often try out different workouts, diets and gym routines to bring our body in shape. One of the most asked question among those who aim to lose weight is that how much weight they can really lose in 1 month. While there are numerous diets or weight loss regimes that claim to give you maximum results in one month, any fast fix can its side effects on your body. You will need to understand that you need to set a realistic goal for yourself to lose weight. To make it simpler for you, here we will explain how to calculate that how much weight loss can you aim for in 30 days, keep reading :

1. Count Your Calories

1 Image: Source Practically one can lose 8 to 10 pounds in a month by reducing 1000 calories in one day. This will mean that you will not only need to consume lesser calories per day and but also burn excess calories by exercising. To lose 2 pounds in a week make sure that you drop 1000 calories a day, by making a point to reduce your calorie intake and doing some exercising to cut calories.

2. Reduce Calories In your Diet

2 Image: Source Keep a journal of what you eat and track your calorie intake or you can even use any app that will help you track your calorie consumption. This way you will be able to see which foods are adding unnecessary calories in your diet. You can then easily eliminate the wrong foods and replace them with healthier food choices.

3. Burning Calories At Gym

3 Image: Source To get rid of excess calories that are already present in your body, you will need to hit gym 5 to 6 times a week. You can opt for moderate workout at gym or even at home. If Gym is not a possibility then take up any cardio activity like jogging or swimming. This will keep your body moving and burn calories. The number of calories burned depends on factors like age, gender, weight and how much of exercise you do.

4. Eat Right And Move More

4 Image: Source To get your weight to the desired level, you will need to eat right amount of calories and keep your body moving. Instead of focusing only on one area, make sure you that you push yourself to workout every day and limit your calorie intake. Experts suggest that on an average a woman should consume 1200 per day and men should consume 1800 calories a day. Make sure you do not go under this limit as it will not be good for your well being. Do not go for any fad diet and do not go for aggressive workouts to lose weight. Instead set yourself reasonable weight loss goals and achieve them with moderate workout and the right food.

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