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Now a days, if you ask anyone, what their goal is – more than likely it would be to lose weight. Across the globe men and women adopt different techniques like gym, exercise regime, yoga and different diets to lose weight. Although their many kind of weight reduction plans there are some plans that do not give you a perfect shape.. Scroll over as we bring you a plan that can help you to reduce weight effectively in a week’s time:

1. Detox

1 Image: Source One of the important reasons that body gains weight is because our body accumulates toxins due to poor eating and drinking habits. To get rid of fats, it is vital to remove toxins from body. Avoid hard drinks like beer, carbonated and frizzy drinks like cokes and sodas, caffeine and artificial juices. Instead opt to drink plenty of water, lemon water, green tea, fresh fruit juices, carrot and tomato juice or spinach juice combined with mint and lemon. You can also try to infuse water with your choice of fruits to detox your body. Drink healthy way to pep up the the journey of losing 10 pounds in 6 days,

2. Eat Right

2 Image: Source What you eat is what your body reflects. If you want to lose weight, ensure that you don’t starve yourself, instead take 4 to 5 meals a day. Make sure you do not exceed 1200 to 1300 calories a day. You food intake should provide you 60% protein, 30% fat, 5% carbs and 5 % can be allowed for cheat meals. Pan your meal in such a way that breakfast gives you 300 calories, snack 50 to 100 calories, lunch 300 calories, evening snack 50 to 100 calories and dinner 300 calories. The best meal plan: Here is the list with your daily meal plan based on 300 calories per serving, 150 calories for dessert and 50-100 calorie for snacks. So, throughout the day you’ll have: – Breakfast (300 calories); – Snack (50 – 100 calories); – Lunch (300 calories) + Dessert (150 calories); – Snack (50 – 100 calories); – Dinner (300 calories).

3. Workout

3 Image: Source Another important factor affecting your weight loss process is the workout session. Aim to hit the gym 3 to 4 times a week. If you are not a gym person, adopt some of activity like swimming, uphill walking, jogging and running or even yoga to tone to burn fats. Another effective way og losing weight is aerobics.

4. Sleep

4 Image: Source According to fitness experts it is imperative to get 6 to 7 hours of sleep to lose weight. Sleep boosts up the basal metabolic rate of the body which is important to burn excess body fats. Hence make sure that you allow your body to get sleep to increase your metabolism.

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