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More than often we all have a tendency to focus on our core when it comes to losing weight. However a well shaped body is not just about your core but it also involves losing fats and toning up of your arms and legs. To reduce weight from your arms you will need to incorporate a few exercises that will target your arms and shoulders. Listed here are 4 exercises that will burn fats from your arms and help to build your guns to flaunt in sleeveless shirts. Keep reading :


Image: Source Before you read the moves that you need to follow to reduce fats from your arms, you must understand the basics of this workout. This workout involves 4 moves. For beginners you will need to follow 10 reps of each move. If you find it to be too easy then add weights and increase number of reps. For those who are not beginners aim to follow reps until you will burn in your arms and add 5 reps to it. You will need to follow 3 sets of each move and increase number of sets to increase resistance.

1. Dumbbell Squats – targets your arms, legs and buttocks

To do this exercise, grab a pair of dumbbells and stand straight with dumbbells in your either hands. Keep your feet bit wider than shoulder width apart. Get your body in squat position with your head facing in front and lower back slightly arched. Bring your body further down with your knees over your ankles. Engage your arms and feel the tension in your arms. Flex your arms and bring them in front of your chest. Release your weight from your heels and get your body back to starting position. Watch the video here

2. Dumbbell Lunge With Bicep Curls – targets your arms, legs and buttocks.

Hold dumbbells in both of your hands and stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees, lower your hips and raise your left foot to bring it a step forward. Keeping your back straight, make sure your right ankle and left thigh are parallel to the floor. Curl up your arms and bring the dumbbells in front of your chest. Return to starting position and bring the weight back to your sides. Repeat on the other leg. Watch the video here

3. Elevated Pushups – targets arms, back, chest and abs

To do this exercise you will need a chair or a stepper. You will need to get your body in push-up position but on an elevated level. Place your feet on stepper or higher platform than your hands and do the regular pushups. To increase the resistance in this exercise, get on a lower platform initially and then increase the height of platform. Higher platform will the exercise more difficult Watch the video here

4. Push-up And Row - targets arms, back, chest and abs

Image: Source To do this exercise, grab dumbbells in your hands and get your body in full plank position. Keeping your back straight, lift your left arm and raise it till reaches hip level. Feel the contraction in your arms and lower your hand down. Repeat on other palm. Watch the video here

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