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Body shape can be a common cause of unhappiness for a lot of people. While recommended, regular exercising and a healthy diet can only do so much. To tune up the annoying, problematic areas of your body, liposuction is certainly an option. However, you must find a properly trained specialist whom you trust to answer all your questions. If you’re looking for reliable liposuction, London based Dr. Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery has a fine reputation for making UK residents more satisfied with their bodies. To find out more about liposuction and how it’s done, keep reading.


What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction isone of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the UK. Also known as fat removal surgery and liposculpture, it’s a permanent way to get rid of the stubborn fat on different areas of your body. Some people decide to have liposuction because their abdomen, hips, thighs, or arms feature fat that won’t go away.

Others just want these areas sculptured and shaped to be more attractive. Although more prevalent among women, men also undergo various liposuction techniques. Since it carries risks like any other surgery, choosing a reputable practice can reduce them to a minimum. That’s why many UK residents trust Dr. Aoife Turner to help them achieve the desired results.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate?

It’s important to note that liposuction isn’t a way to lose weight. Moreover, to be a good candidate, you should be within a healthy weight range. That said, you should also be in good physical health, to lower the risks of surgery. Any severe illnesses or medical conditions can pose problems. Plus, they can slow down the recovery process.

Another critical factor is to have elastic, firm skin as it increases the chances of achieving the best results. However, if you’ve got lower skin elasticity, liposuction is still possible. But keep in mind that the recovery may take a longer time. Besides, you might not get as satisfying results as your skin may remain loose after the procedure.

What Does a Consultation Look Like?

If you’re thinking of having liposuction, it’s important you feel comfortable with your surgeon. Your medical professional must have the necessary certification.In this respect, Dr. Aoife Turner has a fantastic clinical background. With her extensive experience, she’ll be able to answer all the questions you have.

First of all, you’ll discuss your medical history with a team to help them get acquainted with your overall health. At this stage, you should mention if you use supplements and blood thinners, as a surgeon might tell you to stop taking them before liposuction. London surgeonsat Dr. Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery will then ask you to share your expectations. Finally, a so-called pinch test will be done to check the elasticity of your skin. They’ll pinch an area where you’d like to have liposuction and hold it for five seconds. This will allow them to monitor how long it will take for your skin to return to its normal place.

What Does a Procedure Look Like?

On the day of your procedure, you should come to the clinic well-rested. The doctor will mark areas of your body where they’ll remove the fat. Afterwards, the anaesthetic for liposuction will be administered. London surgeons at Dr. Aoife Turner Plastic Surgery will have to make small incisions in the area and insert a suction tube to remove the excess fat.

The procedures can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the nature of the liposuction. Most people will spend a night in hospital so that the team of doctors can monitor their condition and make sure everything went well.

What Happens After a Procedure?


When the doctors are satisfied with your recovery, you’ll be able to go home. You’ll still have to wear bandages and even a compression garment. The doctor will give you a full after-care programme to help control the swelling and ensure the success of the surgery. To prevent any infections, you’ll be prescribed antibiotics. It’s crucial you take them as advised, and thus avoidany potential issues.

The doctor will tell you when to come back for a check-up and have the stitches from liposuction removed. Finally, they’ll let you know approximately how long it’ll take for you to return to normal activities. After around six weeks, most patients feel comfortable to start exercising.

Schedule Your Liposuction with a Reliable Surgeon

If you’re considering sculpting your body, one of the most effective options is liposuction. London plastic surgeon Dr. Aoife Turner heads one of the best UK practices. Whether you’re considering removing excess fat from your abdomen, thigh, hips, or arms, they’re going to make you feel comfortable and answer all your questions. What are you waiting for? Book your consultation today!

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