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Our eyebrows are the most essential feature of our eyes. As the natural growth of our eyebrows looks to be uncanny, we all need to get them shaped to give them a neat appearance. Most of the time, we follow the natural shape of our eyebrows and remove the extra hairs that do not fall well in its natural shape. But since our eyes are the reflection of our complete appearance, we must keep in mind the shape of our face while doing up our eyebrows. Scroll over to find what eyebrow shape should you get on your face based on your facial shape and how you must care for your eyebrows :

1. Eyebrows For Round And Square Face

1 Although round and square face are not similar in their appearance and round face has more defined look than a square face, people with both of these face cuts can follow same pattern for their eyebrows. They should opt for long, slightly arched and almost triangular eyebrow shape. Keep your brow fuller at the brow bone and thin at the ends and temple.

2. Heart Shaped Face

2 This is the most versatile shape of the face and to shape up your eyebrows perfectly, follow an arched eyebrow shape. However you don’t need to give it a triangular look and you can follow both fuller and thinner brows as per the fashion trends. To accentuate your cheekbones, give your eyebrows an upward shape.

3. Long Face

3 Individuals with long face look quite elegant in their appearance. To enhance their looks, they should opt for horizontal eyebrows, with a short length. Keeping it short will give your face a round appearance which will create a perfect look on your face.

4. Oval Face

5 Oval face shape can adorn almost all types of eyebrow shapes. From arched to horizontal all types of shape will look good on your face. However care must be taken that it neither be too full nor too thick, instead choose to go for smooth shape to give yourself a neat finish.

5. Taking Care Of Your Eyebrows

Beautiful young woman gets eyebrow correction procedure When it comes to eyebrows, keep the basic points in mind. Always keep the ends of your eyebrows near temples neat. If you have any scanty area on your eyebrows, use eye pencil to fill it up to make it look fuller. Use highlighters to define and to add brightness to your eyebrows. Apply eyebrow masks to add extra shine in your eyebrows.

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