This Lake Is The Clearest In The World, But You Will Never Swim In It And Here’s Why!

Our world is mystically landscaped by the Mother Nature with various mountains, ice slopes, rivers, ponds and lakes. Among so many beautiful lakes across the world a lake called “Blue Lake” is called the clearest lake in the world.

Blue lake is a small fresh water lake in Northern reaches of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. This magnificent lake has hues of blue and violet colours that can be seen only in the clearest water. The lake is protected by the law of the country and its prohibited to take a swim in this lake to maintain its cleanliness. Scroll over to take look at the breathtaking images of this fascinating lake :

1. Blue lake is found in Nelson Lake National Park in South Island New Zealand.


2. The Blue Lake is also called as “Rotomarewhenua Lake”. It is 3900 feet above sea level.


3. The clear water of this lake attracts the tourists from across the world to this lake.


4. The law of the country does not permit anyone to take a swim in the lake. One can walk by and enjoy peaceful surrounding of the lake but no one can swim in the lake.


5. The only people who were allowed to dive in the lake were the scientists to carry out research on the lake.


6. The lake has extremely high visual clarity of up to 80 meters which is as optically clear as distilled water.


7. Rotomairewhenua is also termed as lake of peaceful lands. It is said to be a scared place for the local Maori people and the water of the lake is used for rituals.


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