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It goes without saying that water is the most indispensable component of our body that keeps us going all the time. Being a prime constituent of our body, it helps us in detoxify and eradicate wastes from our system. However, many people out there commit of common mistake of not drinking enough of water in a day as they aren’t aware of the fact how much they should need to drink. Did you know that fact that drinking the right quantity of water daily accelerate the weight loss and averts us from gorging? But the question is how much water one should drink every day? Scroll down to know the intake of water as per your BMI:

Drink Water To Shed Those Extra Pounds

1 As per the research, it has been revealed that water helps in accelerating metabolic rate, and thus triggers weight loss. In order to know how much water you should exactly drink daily, you need to know your weight. The ounces of water you should drink completely depends on your weight because the more you weigh the more water your body will require to keep up its metabolic rate. For this, you need to find out your weight and then multiply it with 2/3 which is equal to say 67%. For instance, your weight is 175 pounds. Multiply it 2/3 you will get 117 which indicates that your water consumption should be 117 ounces a day.

Water Consumption Also Depends On Your Overall Physical Activities And Workout

2 Your daily water consumption completely depends on will your overall physical activity level. As a result ofintense workout and physical training, your body tends to lose an extra amount of water by means of perspiration. To recompense for this water loss you will need to double your water intake. For instance, if you are hitting the gym for say 45 minutes in a day then you need to add around 18 ounces of more water to your water intake.

Wanna Reach Your Water Goals? If So, Then Follow The Below Mentioned Tips:

3 Just have a quick look at this image, wherein total ounces of water that you need to drink as per your weight are mentioned.After going through this list, you must be well mindful about the amount of water you need to drink.

Here are some of the tips that you need to follow to achieve your water target:

• Try to drink around 2 cups (i.e. around 16 Ounces) water before every meal. This way you will eat less during meal time which will further prevent you from eating too much. • Try to drink 2 Cups of water the moment you wake up. Well, drinking water after waking up enables your body to accelerate its metabolic rate. It also aids to swill down contaminants from the body. • Imbue water with different types of fruits. In addition, you can fill water with some fruits or just squeeze a lemon in a glass of water. • Keep a track of water consumption. For this, you need to keep a special glass or bottle. Ensure you use the same just for drinking water as you can encourage you to drink up water each time you look at this particular glass.

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