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From the moment babies are born, their skin becomes home to millions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microbes. This sounds bad, but it is actually okay. This ecosystem of microscopic organisms on your baby’s skin is called the microbiome, a natural part of their skin development. It is essential to your baby’s health from infancy through childhood and must be protected with high-quality baby products like Bunjie

What is Skin Microbiome?


The microbiome is a collection of microorganisms that live inside and outside of the body. Some are beneficial, while others can be harmful. The skin microbiome belongs to the type of bacteria that is essential to the baby’s health. It is their first line of defense, serving as the eyes and ears of the immune system. 

Even before birth, microbes are already doing their work of helping in the baby’s development. However, it is during birth that their skin is colonized by these microscopic helpers when they are first exposed to the environment and their mothers.

Babies born thru the cesarean section initially develop a different kind of microbiome than those born normally, as the bacteria varies by body site. But as their skin matures over the next few weeks, it undergoes significant functional and structural changes that slowly diminish these differences. Over time, they develop a skin microbiome that is similar to their mother. Other factors, such as treatment with antibiotics, prolonged hospitalization, and the use of baby products such as Bunjie, also have a significant impact.

Why is the Microbiome Important? 


Much is still not known about skin microbiome, but scientists know enough to conclusively say that it is essential to the baby’s health. Several studies show that a diverse skin microbiome composition during infancy improves the health and integrity of the epithelial tissues as the skin matures. It prevents the overgrowth of harmful microorganisms that may cause infections or diseases.  

The skin microbiome is also essential in the development of immune responses. It interacts with the baby’s developing immune system, stimulating its capacity to tolerate would-be pathogens. It helps the baby’s immune system learn which bacteria are good and which are bad. If this process of development is disrupted, it leads to a host of health conditions, such as eczema and allergies.

Protecting Your Baby’s Skin Microbiome


As the skin acts like a barrier against the environment, anything that touches it has the potential to upset the delicate balance of its microbiome. This makes it difficult to control what the baby is exposed to fully. The simple act of bathing your baby already has an impact. Even the detergent you use on your baby’s clothes can change the composition of these microorganisms.

When looking for products to use on your baby, choose brands with as few ingredients as possible. This will reduce the possibility of microbiome disruption. Additionally, there are many prebiotic and probiotic baby products available in the market today. Bunjie, one of the leading brands in baby skincare, offers a complete line of patented products that can support the good skin bacteria and boost your baby’s microbiome, from lotions to bath oils to gentle shampoo. Use these microbiome-friendly products, especially for the first 1,000 days after the baby’s birth, as this is the time when your baby’s skin is at its most vulnerable.

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