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Our pets have their own unique way of communicating with us. They waggle their tails, they meow for no rhyme and reason, they chirp to make you feel their presence. Pets are our adorable friends. And when call them out they have cute reactions too. Have a ever seen the reaction of your pet after you called them “a good boy”? Recently a user on reddit posted a pic titled “Dog before and after being called a good boy”. The picture inspired other users too and they too started posting the images of their pets under the same caption. Some pictures are funny, some are cute, some are just depiction of moods of the pets and some are really amazing. Scroll over and get your laughter dose right here – right now with some of the best before and after shots of pets after being called a good buy :

1. You would sure love to take this one home.


2. A good boy gets childish and cranky on the carpet.


3. Perfect smile for being called a good boy.


4. From being gloomy to being happy, the cat knows the meaning of good boy.


5. The cat seems to be annoyed, probably being good boy is not enough.


6. Teasing you for the compliment.


7. Ruffled up feathers to show how glad the chicken is to get the compliment.


8. This cat is least concerned with whatever you say.


9. This one happy for the attention he/she is getting.


10. His/her adorable smile says it all.


11. Curling up in your blanket for hearing out more compliments.


12. A proud moment for this fella.


13. All ears raised up to hear self-admiration.


14. Of course yes “know I am a good boy.”


15. Taking the compliment with grace.


16. From anger mode to happy mode, this is what happens when you call your pet a ‘good boy’.


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