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We loved the movie “Hunger Games” and we loved the fearless character of “Katniss Everdeen”. Her charming fighter spirit is not the not thing that inspired many of us but it was her beautifully done braid that we couldn’t get our eyes off. The braid is pretty much like Dutch braid with the difference that this one is curved. If you too were impressed by the braid that is now the most trending braid of season, then you have just clicked on the right page. Scroll over as we bring you step by step instruction how you can make this Dutch braid with twist and get Katniss Everdeen look :

1. Comb your hair well, remove the tangles and take a big chunk of hair from one side. Split the chunk in three parts and number it as 1, 2 & 3.


2. Bring the 1st layer of your hair under the 2nd layer


3. Next bring the 3rd layer under 1st layer and add more hair on the 2nd layer.


4. After adding more hair in 2nd layer, bring the 2nd layer under 3rd layer.


5. Next add hair in layer 1 and bring it under the braid.


6. Keep adding hair to your braid in each layer as you would do in French braid and pull the layer under and over the braid. This process will be like reversing the French braid.


7. Continue the process till way down.


8. Make sure that you pull the hair down tightly all the way down and voila you are all set to explore the world in your new Katniss Everdeen avatar.


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