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Getting a tooth extracted is often a quite scary procedure for many adults. So imagine how difficult or uncomfortable it might feel to your child! If your teenager daughter or son is dealing with impacted wisdom teeth, then it is likely that they are in a lot of pain. This pain can be very bad which might affect their daily life as well as their sleep pattern. And due to the lack of knowledge and access to the internet, they are probably devouring all kinds of wrong information and getting more and more scared.

So, as a parent, it is normal for you to be worried while planning to take your child for lower or upper wisdom teeth removal in Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville Mooresville and Statesville in NC. So, if you are going through this time, you will have a lot of questions regarding how you can help your child prepare for the procedure. Take a look at the following points to know more.

Help Your Child Deal with the Fear

As you are the parent, the first responsibility will be to help your child deal with the fear of it. Remember that they are in pain. So, right now, you need to make them understand that this is a very common problem from which at least 10 million Americans suffer every year. So, there is nothing to be so scared about. Also, if you have a similar experience with your impacted wisdom teeth eruption, then tell them about it. Make sure you tell them how fast you recovered. The main focus should be on getting them comfortable about it.

Go for Consultation

Your next step will be going for a consultation. When you are searching for wisdom teeth removal dentists in Marbella, you will find an experienced oral dentist, who will be an expert in this, especially for kids. Now, when you are taking your child for consultation, make sure you are informing the dentist about all underlying health issues or medications your child is on.

Precautions Before the Removal


Make sure that when your child is coming for the procedure, he or she must not eat or drink anything after midnight of the previous night of surgery. There should be a gap of 8-10 hours between the last meal and the procedure. Make sure that they are not wearing flip-flops, any kind of jewelry, including facial or tongue piercing, and nail polish. Make sure that they are wearing loose short sleeve comfortable clothing. If they have long hair, tie it back with a hair tie. Don’t encourage your child to talk over the phone. Help him or her to relax. And during the time of the procedure, stay at the clinic.

Plan a Relaxing Day

After a few minutes post the procedure, you can take your child home. You will get the prescription and the instructions for care at home. Make sure you both are following that diligently. Plan a relaxing day for your child. After coming back home, they should get plenty of rest. Before that, give them liquid food. A blood clot will be formed in the place of the extraction. This should not get dislodged. And that is why going for liquid food is necessary. Also, his or her body will need more fluid after the extraction. So, go for juice, smoothies and milkshakes. Let them rest. Don’t let them play or work out for at least a couple of days as these activities might dislodge the blood clot. So, now as you know about how you will need to prepare your child for wisdom teeth and even emergency tooth removal, follow these tips. And connect with the most reputed oral and maxillofacial surgeon in NC.

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