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It is a well known fact that shoes are indeed the most important accessories for men. These days, the market is flooded with latest designs which definitely gives the buyer plenty of options to choose from.

Though, picking up the perfect shoes may indeed be difficult. But, the following tips will definitely help you in getting some of the most perfect dress shoes. 1.Select shoes that suits your attitude- Since shoes are an extension of your personality. Thus, it is crucial to select shoes that perfectly suits your personality. Though, when it comes to formal shoes, there are very limited options for variations. So, it is always preferable to select shoes that compliments your formal attire. 2. Durability- Dress shoes often demand a high amount of price.

Thus, it is crucial that you look for durable pair of shoes. This will prove to be an investment and are thus highly important. 3.Select the material- Ranging from casual velvet to expensive leather, dress shoes comes in varied material. Thus, it is important that you select the material according to your needs. 4 Look for Comfort and Style- Though, it is always preferable to select the latest designs but you cannot afford to compromise on the level of comfort. So, look out for shoes that are stylish and equally comfortable. 5.

Always match up your dress shoes with your belt or tie. This will give an exquisite look and thus it is highly recommended. .

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