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As summer approaches, many women plan on getting back in shape by losing considerable weight, especially if they live in a place like Miami, where bikini season is a real thing. Noticeable weight changes take time because there exist no shortcuts. However, consistency and discipline in your lifestyle can bring about visible changes in a short period of time. The transition can be challenging, but it is absolutely worth it.

The time it takes to get in shape depends upon your goal and the effort you put in to achieve it. Make sure you do not give up midway. Consistency is the key. Here are some tips that will help many women lose some pounds and get back in shape:

1. You Can Go For Safe Surgical Options

Visible weight loss happens over time. However, safe surgical options for weight loss exist, especially if you are a resident of Miami, the U.S. cosmetic surgery capital. Make sure you carry out thorough research about weight loss surgeries. Do not forget to watch for any risks and complications associated with the surgical procedure. 
Moreover, you may also need to practice self-care if you decide to go for surgery. But take it easy; you will also find non-risky surgical options such as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures. You can also seek professional help from bbl doctors in Miami before making a final decision, which shouldn’t be hard since there were 8.3 plastic surgeons per 100,000 residents in Miami as of 2018.

2. Cut Down The Carbohydrates And Add More Protein To Your Diet.

Eating a diet high in carbohydrates can lead to weight gain. It is because when you consume carbohydrates, they have to be broken down into simple sugars, i.e., glucose, to be absorbed in the bloodstream, and that is how you get energy from carbs. Insulin has to be released as soon as the sugar level rises in your day. Glucose from there goes into the fat cells and turns into fat.

In contrast, if you cut down your carbohydrate intake and incorporate more protein in its place, it can help you lose excess weight. Because protein keeps you fulfilled for a long time, and you would not take any extra calories. Furthermore, protein also helps boost your metabolism and aids in building lean body mass.

3. Incorporate Regular Physical Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

You need to focus on your diet and pay attention to your moderate physical activity to help you in your weight loss journey. You might have spent winters staying cozy in bed because it’s cold outside, leading to a sedentary lifestyle. And it might have played a significant role in your weight gain. Now is the time to mend your ways to achieve your goals. 
It would be best if you started with self-analysis. How much do you move in a day? How often do you exercise in a week? Do you frequently go for a walk or a run? If the answers to all these questions are not satisfactory, that is where you need to make a change. Significant physical activity or exercise is essential in the process of getting back into shape because exercise aids in burning calories. Consequently, when you burn calories combined with taking in fewer calories, you will lose weight faster.

4. Stay Hydrated

Keeping your water intake right plays a vital role in shedding weight. After all, your body is composed of 60% water. It suggests that water has a crucial role in normal body functioning. Moreover, increasing your water intake and staying hydrated all the time dramatically influences your weight fluctuations.

Drinking enough water naturally boosts your metabolic rate. If you are drinking a sufficient amount of water, it will prevent you from overeating because your appetite will be suppressed. Water also makes exercise more manageable and more effective. A study was conducted in 2016 that reported that those who drank water before eating ate 22% less than those who didn't.

5. Indulge Yourself In Active Hobbies

Besides regular physical exercise, try indulging yourself in active hobbies and chores. You can do home chores throughout the day to stay active. That is how you will keep moving, and your lifestyle will be active. Moreover, doing hobbies that involve physical activity is one great way to keep yourself constantly moving.

For instance, you can get involved in hobbies like cricket, football, golfing, hiking, dancing, cycling, etc. All these activities help keep you productive and active and also burn calories.

6. Eat In Moderation

It is a false anticipation that eating less is the only good way to be in shape. This belief is not scientifically backed. You need to eat in moderation, neither too much nor too little. You do not always have to stay hungry to get a good shape. You will only end up being starved. It might feel like a great idea initially, but it eventually does you no good.
When you are mostly starving to reach your ideal weight, you will soon lose the motivation to keep going with that routine. That is not a disciplined way to get your goal. This is why you should focus on moderate eating instead of not eating at all.

7. Start Strength Training

Strength training comprises lifting heavy weights to help in weight loss. For women who quickly want to get a perfect body shape, be bold and lift heavy. Strength training burns fat and also aids in building muscle and increasing muscle strength. And no, it doesn’t make you masculine. It is perfectly alright for women to lift weights.

Strength/Resistance training helps burn fat at rest. It means that it increases your resting energy expenditure. According to a study, strength Training burns 7% more calories and helps shed weight up to 4 pounds, i.e., 1.8kg. Therefore choosing to weight lift for weight loss is one of the wisest decisions you will ever make in this journey.


It is very usual for women to put on weight in winter due to the lack of physical activity for all these months. As soon as summer approaches, every woman wants a perfect shape to wear all the breezy and trendy summer outfits. Be at ease and start by making yourself disciplined. Getting back in form is not an impossible thing to do. It may be challenging to reach your goal rapidly; therefore, try to set realistic goals and work accordingly. Soon you will have the kind of body shape you wish to have.

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