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When caring for someone else, it's easy to forget to look after yourself, but taking a break is necessary to decrease stress and care for your own health and fitness. Although caring for family members or friends in need can be rewarding it is also very demanding. Caregivers may find it difficult to ask for help, but it is critical to be able to step back and take a break. Your Side, based in Sydney offers a variety of respite services for carers to assist you to take a break so you can do normal things, refuel, and reconnect with your life outside of your caring position. 

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care offers an organised break for both the care recipient and the caregiver.You might benefit from having someone else undertake the caring tasks for a few hours or a few days. It is critical for carers to be able to take breaks to be better caretakers. Through Respite Care, someone else provides care so that the carer can take a holiday, complete routine duties, or simply relax. The duration of respite care might range from a few hours to several weeks. You can arrange respite for carers on a regular basis or more frequently as needed. Your Side can provide in-home, emergency, or flexible respite care services through the Carer Gateway, depending on your needs.  

Respite care is a temporary support service that is available on an as needed basis and can be offered for emergency situations to cover up to 2-3 nights. In addition, Carer Gateway can provide funding for residential respite care, which is charged on a daily fee basis. This type of care is beneficial for both the caregiver and care recipient, as the care recipient receives proper care. Head over to Let's Get Care if you are interested in aged care facilties.

Types Of Respite Care:

Community Respite:

Communityrespite is designed to assist the person you are caring for to start socialising. It helps them achieve, develop, or maintain independence and give you as the carer a few hours to yourself when you need it.

Residential Respite:

If the person you are caring for requires support daily, you should consider residential respite care. This means spending a short time in a care facility, such as an assisted living facility or an aged care home, while you take some timeoff. Residential respite care might be organised or requested on an emergency basis that can be specific to your scenario. For example – you may need to do some extra study, go to an important event, or have an important work conference to attend.

Emergency Respite:

If you are suddenly unable to provide care, such as if you are unwell or injured, you can obtain emergency respite care. If you require emergency respite care, you can contact the Carer Gateway by calling 1800 422 737, who will walk you through your options and book emergency care. 

Why Sign-up With Carer Gateway For Respite Care? 

Respite care is free for carers through the Carer Gateway. At Your Side, we think that respite care is more than just a break. When you are a carer, you must make time for yourself to rest and recharge on a regular basis. Respite care services can look after the person you care for if you need that break or time to yourself to do something else. Get the help or assistance you need for someone you love with Respite Care services through the Carer Gateway by reaching out on the details below.

Phone: 1800 422 737

Refer online:

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