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An erection is the natural response to sexual stimuli and enables sexual intercourse. For various reasons, it can happen that the erection is not sufficient for sexual intercourse or cannot be sustained long enough. If erectile dysfunction of this type occurs more frequently and over a longer period of time, what is known as erectile dysfunction (ED) may be present. ED can affect physical and psychosocial health. It can have a negative impact on the partnership and thus have a significant impact on the couple's quality of life.Whatever Lovegra helps to protect from this erection. Thanks to modern therapy options, erectile dysfunction can now be treated. You will also find information on the subject that should encourage you to speak to a doctor you trust.

The topics at a glance:

  • How does an erection come
  • Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunction symptoms
  • Self check
  • Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction

How does an erection come?

In the penis there are two large spongy blood vessel plexuses, the so-called cavernous bodies. At rest, little blood flows through the arteries into the erectile tissue and the same amount of blood flows out through the veins. When a man is sexually stimulated, nerve signals cause the erectile tissue to relax. The blood can flow in faster. This increases the size and volume of the penis, makes it stiff and produces an erection. At the same time, the veins are squeezed and the outflow of blood is reduced. This helps maintain an erection.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can have very different causes - for example changes in the blood vessels, nerve diseases, anatomical changes, hormonal disorders, drugs or psychogenic factors. Emotional or personal problems can also play a role. For example, diabetes can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Because if blood sugar is consistently high, blood vessels can be damaged. Deposits can also form on the walls of the blood vessels, which impair the flow of blood to the penis and thus its ability to erect. The nerve tracts that transmit the sexual stimulus from the brain to the penis can also be disturbed by diabetes.

However, certain drugs can also affect the function of the erectile tissue. So erectile dysfunction z. B. with some drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases or high blood pressure, painkillers or sedatives a known possible side effect.
Despite the various causes, erectile dysfunction is treatable in most men.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms

What is the difference between impotence? Erectile dysfunction and impotence are often used synonymously. Impotence also includes the inability to conceive (infertility, infertility), failure to ejaculate (anejaculation) and other sexual problems.

Self check

The so-called IIEF * -EF questionnaire (* International Index of Erectile Function) was developed to determine whether one (s) may suffer from erectile dysfunction. The questionnaire relates to possible erectile dysfunction in the past four weeks.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Remember your doctor has had such conversations many times. He has experience in the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction and will take you and your complaints seriously. He will do a general physical exam to diagnose it. He may also do a blood test to check blood sugar, blood lipids, and testosterone levels.

It is important that you inform your doctor about possible comorbidities, e.g. B. if you suffer from high blood pressure, other cardiovascular diseases or disorders of the lipid metabolism (dyslipidemia). Because both the diseases themselves and certain medications that you may be taking due to these diseases play a role in the development and / or treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Your doctor will decide in a discussion with you whether ED should be treated and which medication is most suitable in each individual case. Erectile dysfunction can be treated well in most cases. PDE-5 inhibitors & Lovegra are the first choice therapy for the majority of patients today. They are available in the form of tablets to be taken by mouth. PDE-5 inhibitors help the erectile tissue to relax and thus support the flow of blood into the penis. This causes blood to build up in the erectile tissue and an erection occurs that is easier to maintain until orgasm.PDE5 inhibitors require a prescription and can only be handed out by pharmacies against a prescription issued by a doctor.

Beware of counterfeit drugs that are freely available for sale on the Internet: These can not only be ineffective, but also damage your health. They may contain dangerous substances, ingredients other than those specified, or possibly no active ingredients at all.

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