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Muscle building is the new being fit formula as everyone wants to flaunt their muscle power. Gaining muscles requires strength training workouts and lot of patience and efforts from your end. Although results can be seen in matter of few months in some individuals, others struggle for months to get desired results. This generally happens due to genetic reasons. Your arms are no exception to this while some people build their biceps and triceps in no time, some hard-gainers get mediocre results even after intensive workout. In this article we will explore a few tips shared by fitness experts that will give you shirt bursting muscles, keep reading :

1. Train Your Arms Once A Week Separately

1 Image: Source Just like your abs and chest, your arms too should be trained separately. Do not target your arms after your other muscle group workout. This will tire out the muscle tissues and you will not be able to gain any muscle mass.

2. Reduce Weights

2 Image: Source Reduce the volume of your weights every once in a while. Although you will need to keep adding weights after every few months, going for lower weights too will help you to gain muscles.

3. Quality Reps

3 Image: Source Focus on your form and ensure that you follow quality reps. If you are not following correct form of doing the move, then even if you do required number of reps, it will do no good to your muscles. Do not cheat on execution of workout and make sure you do the exercise in correct way.

4. Hit Muscles From Different Angles

4 Image: Source To activate your muscle fully, hit them from different angles. Use different moves and variations and make sure your workout routine is not monotonous. If your workout will remain monotonous it will be hard to build muscle tissues and fibres. Constantly add new exercises, increase number of reps or increase weights to add resistance and variation.

5. Train With High Intensity

5 Image: Source Train your biceps and triceps with high intensity workout to get desired results. Include forced reps, negatives and drop sets to stimulate muscle growth. If you find that the other muscles groups are building better than your arms, you will need to modify your workout a bit and focus arm muscles for twice a week.

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