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Being thoughtful of what we know about it, it seems outlandish that anyone would fancy taking crystal meth. Did you know how a dose of drug like crystal methamphetamine can actually impact your brain? Like any other drug, meth initiates the release of the pleasure element dopamine, thereby causing an animated and exhilarated feeling. However, the main problem with this drug is that it releases as high as 12 times dopamine which means the sudden rush is experienced by the user. As they say, what goes up will definitely come down after sometime, so once the impact of drug starts declining the person experiences intense depression. Regular intake of drugs does nothing well but begins a very addictive cycle. Bad effects of this drug are a rise in person's body temperature to hazardous levels, which can further cause sudden death, make someone tremendously paranoid, moods swings and impulsive to the level that they can become a threat to themselves and others. Here we bring for you the most daunting story of 32-year-old Matthew Medlin and his journey as a drug addict. Scroll down to know how Medlin life completely changed over 14 years:

Let’s meet 18-year-old Medlin after his first arrest in 2002.

1 He had well-defined good looks. Look at his tan, high cheekbones, and piercing, aren't they like a model?

Five years later, he suddenly began to age ahead of time.

2 Meth is identified to have this impact as the skin loses its sheen with regular intake and introduces the wounds which you can see on Medlin’s face. Many users have a tendency to make these sores worse by fanatically scratching them.

By 2013, Medlin got himself inked with some kind of odd tattoos on his face.

3 Further down you will see an unpolished teardrop ink and his sunken cheeks. Meth has a tendency to cause a loss of desire for food so Medlin has possibly shed a lot of weight by this point.

Medlin had been arrested thrice that year.

4 This photo gives the impression close to the previous one on the side from his racoon-style hairdo.

Medlin's life of law-breaking caught up with him far along that year when this inexplicable photo was clicked.

5 He appears to have created thick lines in black paint on his face but they wouldn't be there for long because he was sentenced to jail. He was found guilty on charges of physical abuse, housebreak, and mugging.

Six days before his 2014 discharge, Medlin tried to escape from the prison.

6 Astoundingly, he was lucky to scale the prison's razor fence in daylight without getting caught.

Though, his runaway only lasted 10 hours before he was again taken into custody.

7 He was detained at a Jack in the Box location and convicted with second-degree escape.

By 2015, Medlin had new look with long hair to shoulder-length.

8 The drug addiction and his life of crime had taken a toll on his life as he appeared to be hale and hearty last year than he does now.

Before Medlin was most recently arrested, he was testified clambering on trains in Portland, Oregon.

When caught he gave told officers that he had been wide-awake for 26 hours. It's not unusual for meth users to make a night of it for days or even weeks at a time because of the drug's stimulating impacts.

When police tried to approach, Medlin equipped himself with rocks and pieces of metal.

9 He then hopped in a train car, starting a 4-hour impasse with police that continued through a heavy shower and a hailstorm. Medlin became frantic as he took a jab himself with more meth. After that, police pursued him and shot him with non-lethal bullets.

But if he had to go back to custodial, it wasn't for long.

10 But if he had to go back to custodial, it wasn't for long.

Still, his drive isn't over yet.

11 Meth is one of the toughest addictions to get rid of completely, but it is doable with professional help.You can see Medlin's last arrest photo on the next page, but you can also see someone who endured the drug's grasps.

This is what Medlin appeared like after that detention.

The half-lidded eyes show him in confusion and one of his earlier wounds seems to have become much worse over time.

Yet, Shanna White was in the same place nine years ago.

12 She had spent 8 years on crystal meth, but the love of her family encouraged her tobring that real change in her habits.

After spending 6 years clean and sober, she wrote this message of hope for others.

13 On Facebook, she penned, "Today I rejoice my life! 6yrs clean from the grasps of meth addiction!If you are still in the middle of this ugly nightmare please know there is optimism.You too can beat this and have a wonderful life. It is NEVER too late. Forgive yourself and know that you are worthy to live a good life!" (sic)

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