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There is a couple in UK who are famous for re-creating movie scenes and the name of their two cats is Willow and Tara. Guess, the cats are trying their best to deal with this couple as they make them a part of their re-creational scenes. They have found a hilarious way to enjoy their Sundays and I think it isn’t a bad idea as cats do rule the internet these days, don’t they?

1. It does look funny when they try to recreate scene from E.T The Extra Terrestrial by making the cat an alien.


2. It is indeed scary when cat is playing the role of Alien from the movie Alien.


3. Guess, this guy didn’t use his girlfriend to be in place of Demi Moore while recreating a scene from Ghost.


4. The Shining doesn’t look that scary anymore, does it?


5. A cat could be an American Beauty, you never know!


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