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There is a couple in UK who are famous for re-creating movie scenes and the name of their two cats is Willow and Tara. Guess, the cats are trying their best to deal with this couple as they make them a part of their re-creational scenes.

They have found a hilarious way to enjoy their Sundays and I think it isn’t a bad idea as cats do rule the internet these days, don’t they? .

1. It does look funny when they try to recreate scene from E.T The Extra Terrestrial by making the cat an alien.

1 .

2. It is indeed scary when cat is playing the role of Alien from the movie Alien.

2 .

3. Guess, this guy didn’t use his girlfriend to be in place of Demi Moore while recreating a scene from Ghost.

3 .

4. The Shining doesn’t look that scary anymore, does it?

4 .

5. A cat could be an American Beauty, you never know!


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