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If there is one common wish that everyone would have to share, it would be for sure to get rid of belly flab and get toned up tummy. Most of strive to lose those extra pounds from our body with our major focus being on belly fats. Our belly not stores up the excess fats but gets bloated due to our poor eating and lifestyle habits which make you look unhealthy. While some aesthetic clinics provide cleansing surgeries and treatments or pills to bring your tummy in shape, these actually do more harm than good. Instead simply make a few changes in your diet and adopt some form of exercise routine to get rid of bloated stomach and get flat tummy. Read on to find what foods you must avoid and what you must eat to get there :

1. Watch Your Eating Habits

1 Often we adopt wrong eating pattern wherein we eat too much food at one time or eat too late in the evenings.. All the factors contribute to stomach bloating. When eat too much food at a time or eat too late at night, your stomach is unable to digest food properly. Instead eat smaller meals more frequently and give a time gap of 2 to 3 hours between your dinner and sleep time to allow body to digest food.

2. Avoid Eating Food Quickly

3 Often due to lack of time people tend to eat food too quickly. Eating too quickly causes you to swallow excess air which makes your tummy bloated. Do not eat too quickly and allow yourself to sit and eat slowly, Chew the food completely, do not gulp it down. Avoid talking while eating so that you don’t swallow air.

3. Avoid Foods That Bloat Your Tummy

2 If you are facing issues of stomach bloating then you must watch out for some of the foods that you should avid consuming. Some of the common foods that lead to stomach bloating are • Vegetables like potato, onion, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli • Beans, oats, legumes, • Milk and milk products, cheese, ice-creams • Fruits like apples, peaches, pears • Fluffy wheat, oats • Gluten rich foods like wheat, rye or barley. • Soft drinks, candies and gums • Sugary foods • Salty foods such as chips, wafers or processed foods.

4. Healthy Food Choices

4 People with bloated tummies literally find it difficult to eat most of the foods. It is best advised to eat a low fibre diet to avoid bloated tummy. Some of the best suggested foods for you would be • Lean meats cuts, fish, Eggs • Gluten free breads, wheat or rice • Low fibre fruits like strawberries, grapes, watermelons • Vegetables such as ladies fingers, tomatoes, zucchini and lettuce which are low in fibre.

5. Long Term Plan

5 Following these dietary changes will improve on your digestion and you will find your tummy to be less bloated. However this is only one aspect of the bloated tummy. To keep tummy in shape, you will need to • Follow a healthy diet and exercise regime on regular basis to achieve long term goals. • Give at least 150 minutes a week to moderate intensity workout. • Take small breaks at your work and take walks, use stairs. • Take up any exercise routine like yoga, jogging or even walking will go long way in preventing stomach bloating. • Try to maintain your ideal body weight • Avoid eating processed foods, fast foods and oily foods to keep tummy in shape.

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