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You may find it bit hilarious but let’s face it, we all at some point do feel bloated stomach. Bloated stomach is often due poor lifestyle habits and in particular wrong or unhealthy food that we consume. Your stomach can also swell up cause of high stress levels, pollutions and various medications. Bloated stomach can lead to digestive disorders and if not addressed on time can lead to severe health issues. Here through this post we are sharing a few tricks that will help you to get rid of bloated stomach without having to follow strenuous workout routines :

1. Drink Lemon Water

Image: Source Add juice of 1 lemon to a glass of lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach every morning. This trick aids secretion of gastric acids, prevents belching, helps heart burn and prevents gas formation. Make sure that once you drink lemon water, you give a gap of 30 minutes before you eat anything.

2. Avoid Milk & Coffee For Breakfast

Image: Source Milk increases gastric activity in your stomach which makes your stomach bloated. It is thus best advised to avoid milk for your breakfast. Another breakfast item that is responsible for bloated stomach is coffee. Avoid coffee and beer to prevent bloated stomach.

3. Do Not Consumer Water or Other Drinks While Eating

Image: Source Avoid drinking water or any other drink within few minutes of your meal. The liquids dilute the gastric acids due to which food takes longer to digest. This triggers fermentation in your digestive system causing bloated stomach.

4. Do Drink Alcohol On Empty Stomach

Image: Source Alcohol stimulates gastric production which aggravates when it is consumed on an empty stomach. Consuming alcohol in absence of foods disturbs the micro flora of your stomach and intestines. It is thus advised to avoid alcohol consumption completely especially on empty stomach.

5. Drink Ginger Tea

Image: Source Ginger has its spicy flavour which helps to slow down the gas formation in the stomach and intestines. Drink ginger tea at least one to two times a day.

6. Avoid Fatty Foods

Image: Source Fast foods, sweets and processed foods take longer duration to digest. When these foods take longer time to digest, gas formation increases. Thus avoid fatty foods to prevent feeling of heaviness and discomfort in stomach.

7. Do Not Swallow Too Much Of Air

Image: Source We often swallow a lot of air especially when we chew a gum, talk a lot, eat while we are talking or drink with straw r drink aerated drinks. This increases air in your stomach in your stomach and results in bloated stomach. Thus adopt healthy habits, give up on chewing gums, aerated drinks and chew food slowly.

8. Get Enough Sleep And Meditate

Image: Source If you are prone to gastric, then avoid foods that are rich in fibre. Fibres rich foods like nuts or legumes or even fruits and veggies increase gas formation and result in bloated tummy. Avoid these foods or have them moderation to keep your digestion in check.

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