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Are you searching for the quickest possible way to get chiseled body? Now, you can get the washboard abs without resorting to unexciting sit-ups with this workout. Here we bring for you five main exercises premeditated by New York City-based fitness trainer Chelsea Dornan. For every move, you need do as many reps as possible in 60 seconds and move on to the next workout. Isn’t that simple? Scroll down to read about these 5 exercises in detail:

1. Commandos

1 Steps To Do It: For this, you need to get into hand plank position. Your shoulders should be fixed over your wrists and your body in a straight line amid the top of your head and heels. While keeping your hips right-angled to the ground and core engaged, you need to go down to your right forearm and after that to your left. Afterwards, come back to hand plank position with your left hand and then later on with right hand as you continue.

2. Jackknives

2 Steps To Do It: Lie down with face-up on a mat with arms drawn-out above your head and legs widely spread. Engage your core as you at the same time raise your legs 45-degrees above the floor and elevate your upper body thereby bringing your arms frontward and similar to the ground for the push. Come back to starting position with complete control and continue.

3. Alternating Side Plank Extensions

3 Steps To Do It: Start with forearm plank position in which you need to stack your shoulders over your elbows and your body in a straight line between your head and heels. You need to gradually move your weight into your left forearm as you mount your right hip over your left and move onto the outer part of your left foot, mounting your right foot in the air. Spread out your top arm and leg in the direction of the sky and bring both limbs back down while coming back to forearm plank position. Repeat the same on the opposite side and continue the same steps.

4. Reverse Crunch to Hip Raise

4 Steps To Do It: For this exercise, you need to lie down on your back with your legs widely spread and feet together. After that, bring your arms beside your sides and place your palms on the floor. While keeping your legs straight, engage your core as you raise your feet vertically over your hips. Afterwards, lift your hips up above the ground to stretch your toes to the ceiling. With complete control, bring one vertebral column down at a time till your rear is back on the floor. Ensure you keep core firm as you bring your legs back to initial position to finish one rep.

5. Single-Leg Froggers

5 Steps To Do It: You need to come in hand plank position with your wrists fixed below your shoulders and body in a straight line between your head and your heels. Take your left foot to the outer side of your left palm. In one energetic motion, push your left foot back to plank position and your right foot to the outer side of your right palm. After that, you need to change the feet and continue in quick series.

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