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When it comes to butt-sculpting workout, then there's no better exercise than squat. This exercise targets not only your glutes, but your thighs and core. If you too have been looking for a workout that will get you there then squats is the one and only answer to it. Here in the article we explore and guide you through set of some very simple techniques for a 30 day squat plan which will help you improve your body image and target to get off the excess pound of fat deposits and yes get that perfect back:

1. Basic Squat

2. Squat with Kickbacks

3. Sumo Squat

4. Reaching Sumo Squat

5. Oblique Squat

6. Jump Squat

7. Narrow Squat

8. Pistol Squat

9. Curtsey Squat

10. Split Squat

11. Isometric Squat with Toe Taps

12. Pop Squat

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