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When Google for a weight loss plan, various diet plans pop up leaving you perplexed on which one to follow. Some of the plans aim at cutting down on your carbs and some aim at increasing your protein intake. Among so many plans floating on internet one of the plans that makes lose weight in a healthy way is the Banting diet. The plan was conceptualised by William Banting after all his efforts to lose weight went in vain. Banting diet consists of low carb diet with high fat and moderate protein intake. The aim of this diet is to accelerate fat burning process and boost up energy levels. The diet is similar to Paleo diet except dairy products are allowed. Scroll over to find a 7 day plan that you can easily follow without having to compromise on your nutrition level and taste buds :

Day 1

1 Image: Source Breakfast – Start your day with 1 slice of ham, 1 boiled egg and half of an avocado. Lunch – Toss up a broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes salad for lunch. Snack – Tuna salad with green veggies will work as great snack to munch on. Dinner – For your dinner have baked chicken with lemon and asparagus.

Day 2

2 Image: Source Breakfast – Greek or low fat yoghurt, granola with hazelnuts. Lunch – Whole wheat sandwich with ham, boiled eggs and beans. Snack – Carrots and 1 slice of low fat cheese. Dinner – Baked salmon with broccoli and lemon.

Day 3

3 Image: Source Breakfast – 1 apple, 2 boiled eggs Lunch – Mushroom soup Snack – Blueberries and walnuts. Dinner – Turkey steak with vegetable salad.

Day 4

4 Image: Source Breakfast – Egg omelette mad with tomatoes and greens. Lunch – Baked mushrooms and 2 boiled eggs. Snacks – 1 cup strawberries. Dinner – Chicken steak with basil and garlic.

Day 5

5 Image: Source Breakfast – Whole wheat bread toast with cheese and tomato slices. Lunch – Salmon, shrimp and vegetable soup Snacks – 1 to 2 boiled eggs. Dinner - Caesar salad with low fat dressing

Day 6

6 Image: Source Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and broccoli. Lunch – Broccoli and vegetable soup. Snacks – Handful of almonds. Dinner – Tuna salad with eggs and green veggies.

Day 7

7 Image: Source Breakfast – Green veggies and beans with 1 to 2 slices of bacon Lunch – Whole wheat sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Snacks – Spinach and strawberries smoothie Dinner – Baked salmon prepared herbs and lemon.

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